You can connect your Adobe Experience Manager installation to Story Chief with our AEM plugin. After it is set up you will be able to publish your stories from Story Chief straight to your AEM account.
Story Chief Features

Connect your Adobe Experience Manager to Story Chief

Trusted by 500+ happy users and customers
Create a layer of powerful features above your AEM installation
Content backbone, as agile and accessible as it is robust
Your customers and employees want each interaction with your brand to feel genuine and valuable. The right capabilities and workflows help you to meet this expectation with speed and scale, now and into the future.
Present engaging experiences on mobile and every connected device
Blow your customers away with an experience that includes the most relevant content possible on every device — from mobile apps to non-display IoT devices. Conveniently manage and publish content in real time, across all your properties.
Activate with one click
Publish your story in one simple click to your Adobe Experience Manager account. No longer issues with copy-paste your story.

Write without distractions

With Story Chief you can create a dummy proof environment on top of your complex cms, like AEM, to add a layer of powerful storytelling features and a place where copywriters can really work and collaborate in a more efficient and user friendly way.
SEO Optimizer

Optimize your Stories for SEO and increase your Google ranking

While writing your content, the SEO Optimizer provides tips for your Story. Increase your Google ranking by 300% by following the instructions while you write.

Brand Advocacy with Story Chief

Let your co-workers, friends, and fans share your stories
on their personal social networks.

There is more. And it's always improving!

Word / Average read time Count
Autosave Feature
Take over locks when editing with multiple writers
Multi-lingual support
Insert Social Posts inside your Story
Embed videos from different sources
Capture leads inside your story and send them to your CRM
Embed interactive presentations or magazines
Insert interactive maps
Let readers buy products from your webshop right inside your story
Embed your favorite songs in your story

How to set up Adobe Experience Manager in Story Chief?
Story Chief
Create a Story Chief account
Connect your AEM account with a few clicks
Start working efficient
Story Chief is an amazing place for copywriters. Pure simplicity, no distraction and it comes with very powerful integrations.

All-in-one publishing tool for marketers, publishers and startups

Story Chief is a reliable tool that lets you co-create, plan, optimize and distribute articles to different publishing channels from one place.
Co-create Stories
Multi-channel Distribution
Measure ROI
Streamlined copywriter to editor-in-chief process. Review co-workers and guest writers, get tips from our powerful SEO tool, get approvals from clients and managers. Manage content calendar for planning and scheduling.
One-click-publishing to your websites, social pages, AMP channels, newsletters and external hubs (,, ...). Promote stories through brand/employee advocacy, press, and influencers or publish to the free corporate blog you get from us.
Measure actual reads, time spent in articles, views, and clicks of your content across all the channels you publish to.