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The shift towards content marketing at #SHIFT2018 - Finland

Events & Press 2 min read, June 15, 2018
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Shift Business Festival x Story Chief

We ❤️ Finland!

Story Chief attended the Shift Business Festival last week in Turku, Finland.

We're happy to confirm that content marketing were buzzwords at the event.

But first...

Story Chief x Finland // Soundscape Impression

Fun facts about Turku

  • Turku means "marketplace"
  • It sits at the mouth of the Aura River
  • Historically, it's been a hub of commerce and communication
  • It's home to KAKOLAN LÄÄNI Prison, the most (formally) infamous prison in Finland
2 hours drive from Helsinki

Given all these fun facts, it's quite apropos for KAKOLAN LÄÄNI Prison in Turku to have been chosen as the venue for SHIFT 2018.

Especially given the theme this year: REDEFINING NORMAL.

What's not normal about spending a couple of days in prison? Everyone and every place has got a story, don't they?

That's what content marketing is all about!

Takeaways from SHIFT 2018

It was a mighty meeting of the minds from all around the world:

  • Each attendee carried with them their own story
  • Engagement and conversation with your customer base is vital to success
  • Content marketing should be incorporated into any business model regardless of industry (especially keeping with GDPR-compliancy), as a value-add for clients
  • As a general rule, we tend to separate man (emotional) and machine (emotionless)
  • However, research shows that machines can recognize emotions from speech patterns better than humans can (with proven results)
  • The future “of intelligence” and “emotionally intelligent machines” ties right into relationship-building through trusted thought leadership

Although the topics of discussion were highly elevated and research-based, the vibe and camaraderie among the attendees was light yet long-lasting.

Organizers made sure there were funky art installations and musical performances scattered throughout the program so there was never a shortage of conversation pieces!

We are psyched to have met and carried on meaningful conversations inside jail cells with some of the most brilliant minds.

It's a wrap!

If we missed an opportunity to chat with you at the conference then please drop us a line below (We'd love to start a new conversation with you!)

And be sure to check back on our blog tomorrow to find out where our team went next (Hint: An event in Amsterdam).

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