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We're back to share exciting updates about Story Chief. We've made a lot of improvements to the flows and added a couple of new channels since our latest release. Our goal is to encourage people to write better content which can stand on it's own on a lot of different channels and communities. You do want your articles to be read, right? So please don't make clickbait content to let people click through to your website, but bring good stories in a person's handpalm through intelligent content marketing. This is our philosophy.

So experiment with new channels and communities where there are a lot of readers, like Medium and it's sub-communities, use Facebook Instant Articles to decrease loading times on mobile, use Emailing, make social media posts, etc.. With Story Chief you can do even more and in a very effective way. And don't worry about 'Duplicated' content, Story Chief fixes that automatically for you, so you won't have any problems with Google.

Story Chief is not only a tool to syndicate long reads, but it can also be used as a top layer above your current cms system. For example if you link Story Chief with your website it it adds extra features to your CMS, so in a way you get an enhanced version of your website.

You can write easier, you can collaborate better, get better statistics and also you can add lead capture forms to your articles (which is connected to a CRM) so you can use your content to gather leads.

You will be able to measure a lead cost per article or per time effort put into an article. So you kinda upgrade your cms (or multiple cms systems) with all these features by using Story Chief.

Whats new in the latest update?

New Channels: Drupal CMS

If you are using Drupal for your website, you can integrate it now with our plugin in the app

New Channels: Fork CMS

Do you use Fork cms? We've added a plugin too

New Channels: Blogger

Using Blogger? We've got that covered now. Even if you don't use it, you can set it up, and you'll have an extra channel to publish to

Other channels you can syndicate your article to:

  • Story Chief Blog
  • Wordpress
  • Medium
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp
  • Use our API to add your own channels

Multiple destinations per channel

Did you know that you can add multiple destinations to your channel?

What's new?: Improved Editor

Embed function

Now you can embed a tweet or instagram message to your article, and also a video from youtube or vimeo

What's new?: Better collaboration

Invite external copywriters

Now you can invite external people to write for you, they can write content, but you decide where and when it will be published

Manage multiple accounts

If you work for different clients or brands, you can easily switch between the accounts

What's new?: Improved features

Stats dashboard

Compare the reach of your content through different channels within one designated dashboard

screenshot from designs, numbers are not real

Your free blog

You don't have a blog yet or you are not satisfied with your blog on your website? Use our free Story Chief blog. No excuses to start your own online magazine. You can customize your logo, header image, add categories, add your website link and social media. It is automatically created for you once you've joined our sloth community, so you'll be all set in under 3 minutes.

free blog you get from us

Social Media Posts

Don't forget to write a social media post for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can do it with one click when you publish your article

Stay tuned, next week we launch an interesting feature for marketers and publishers who create a lot of content.

Try to make and syndicate an article with Story Chief yourself here.

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