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WordPress Gutenberg vs Story Chief: War of the Editors

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It's not exactly breaking news that WordPress Gutenberg is a thing.

It's even being called "The Biggest Change in the History of WordPress."

Source: Kinsta
Source: WPLearningLab
WordPress Gutenberg Editor
Source: CodeInWP

It's bigger than "just an Editor thing" though.

Gutenberg might exist now in beta, as a plugin, but eventually it's going to be included in the WordPress core.

Basically, it's going to be shoved down every WordPress user's throat.

WordPress Past, Present and Future with Wordpress Gutenberg

The once WYSIWYG WordPress Editor used to look like this:


This is what the WordPress Gutenberg Editor looks like now:

Behold, the WordPress Gutenberg Editor
Behold, the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Not only are there major aesthetic changes, but the Gutenberg Editor is block-based!

Think Elementor or Beaver Builder...

Behold, the Story Chief Editor

Now, compare them both to the Story Chief Editor:

The Story Chief Editor
The Story Chief Editor

Not only does Story Chief provide you a clean canvas to work in, but take into consideration what else Story Chief does for you:

Gutenberg versus Story Chief

With Story Chief you can save up to 6 hours per article with:

  • Faster content distribution to Press and Ambassadors and other influencers
  • Better collaboration flows in just a few clicks
  • Macro and micro analytics

And there's more!

You can sign up for Story Chief here

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