Do you have to choose between HubSpot vs StoryChief?

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Great question. How DO you choose between HubSpot vs StoryChief?

Well, maybe you don't (skip to the end to see why).

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of THREE separate but related hubs—Marketing, Sales, and Service.

HubSpot hubs
The 3 hubs

StoryChief is content marketing software for startups, SEO marketers, and editorial teams who want to increase their reach and traction with less work.

Ultimately it will come down to your budget and your content marketing needs.

If you truly need your website to be your business's sole marketing mechanism, then you need to invest in HubSpot. However, if you're watching your wallet, then starting out with WordPress and upgrading to HubSpot later is a good idea.

Here’s a handy graphic overview to see the differences between HubSpot vs StoryChief:

HubSpot vs StoryChief
WYSIWYG with StoryChief

The core product at StoryChief was made for writers by writers with a distraction-free Editor.

You can:

  • Create work flows for your team collaboration
  • Plan, Schedule & Distribute multi-channel with one click
  • Measure quality: Track performance across your channels and capture leads in your CRM!
Story Chief Testimonials

HubSpot vs StoryChief: The Conclusion

Now if you're already using HubSpot, then you can still:

  • Publish your content from StoryChief to your blog currently powered by HubSpot.
  • Connect HubSpot CRM to StoryChief lead capture forms. (Filled information will be stored in HubSpot CRM in a certain deal stage. Your marketer will see exactly from which website the article link comes.).
  • Add HubSpot CTA in your StoryChief Editor (Insert Calls-To-Action, created in HubSpot, in your StoryChief environment.).
StoryChief CTA
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