StoryChief is looking for a Sales Sloth - can you sell a pen to a writer? 🧐

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Are you a cool ex-SDR in SaaS but tired of giving away your deals? Or maybe you are an experienced sales already? Are you ready to move on to the next level?
Then look no further...'Cause we are looking for a new sloth and you might just be our next sales superhero!

StoryChief is an editorial content marketing software which helps brands become a thought leader in their sector.

Our mission is to help businesses create quality content and make sure that this content is actually being seen by their potential customers.

Companies like Thomas Cook, Bloovi, Agoria, Peepl and Nexxworks already work with our simple yet powerful tool.

Want to help us grow? Then keep reading...

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StoryChief has 10k+ users in 70 countries

Who you will be on the StoryChief team:

  • A closer: ABC (Always Be Closing) is your bread and butter as you turn leads into customers. You don't let quotas limit your performance in growing new business.
  • A communicator: First and foremost you'll be representing the StoryChief brand. But you stay true to your authentic style of communication over the phone or video calls.
  • A critical thinker: Your logic in follow-up and relationship building is off the charts. You qualify leads in your sleep.
  • A guru when it comes to new suites of SaaS products: You become one with the solution and execute messaging around enhancements and new releases.
  • A chameleon: You can adapt and stay on top of a fast-paced startup environment in a constant state of change.
ABC of sales

What you bring to the table:

  • Experience in a startup environment, preferably
  • B2B sales experience or an ex-SDR
  • A strong built-in network
  • Bilingual in Dutch and English
  • A mix of book smarts and street smarts
  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • A healthy sense of humor and a love for furry friends

What you get in return:

  • A brand new killer product
  • A chance to impact revenue directly and decide your own career path
  • Growth in a small but tight team
  • Competitive salary and perks (including, but not limited to, a nice garden to sit in plus good food)
  • Sweet bonuses
Ready for humming?

Are you the Sloth we're looking for? Apply here:

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