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9 Unmissable Content Marketing Statistics to Guide Your Strategy

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Content marketing can attract new customers and educate existing leads to close more deals. Best of all, it’s a relatively cost-effective marketing method when compared to other strategies. Unfortunately, only 36% of organizations consider themselves to be very committed to content marketing. That's why we have some content marketing statistics for you, they might change your mind.

Content Marketing Statistics
Content Marketing Statistics

9 Content Marketing Statistics

Here’s a look at the key content marketing statistics. These statistics can help you to:

  • Redouble your commitment to your strategy
  • Shape your content marketing strategy
  • Articulate the value of content marketing to your stakeholders.

Let’s get started!

Content Marketing Statistics

1. 60% of marketers struggle to produce content consistently (Zazzle Media)

Zazzle Media spoke to thousands of marketing professionals to get a better understanding of the way content marketing is perceived. This survey discovered that a shocking number of marketers find it difficult to produce content consistently - a bit issue given that consistency is key to a great strategy. If you belong to that 60%, you might want to identify and address the reasons that are the case. The most common reasons include:

  • A lack of personnel
  • A lack of time/resources
  • A lack of appropriate tools

2. Video helps marketers to achieve 66% more leads per year (Aberdeen Group)

Video traffic is set to account for 82% of global internet traffic by 2022. This makes video content a critical part of any content strategy, especially for Millenials. Video marketing comes in a range of forms: you might decide to create anything from an explainer video to a daily news round-up. This statistics from the Aberdeen Group shows that video content can also help you to acquire more leads. This is because video content is direct, informative, and often very persuasive if created properly.

3. 87% of marketers find webinars to be effective (wyzowl)

Event marketing is a big business. Especially when you look at these content marketing statistics. The power of the web means that you don’t have to invest in costly logistics too - you could simply throw a webinar to attract new leads and close more deals. Statistics show that webinars are very effective for marketers. These sessions can help you to create a buzz among your audience and share key insights with them to make more conversions. As a bonus, webinars can be recorded and used in other areas of your marketing strategy.

4. 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load (Google)

Statistics show that mobile traffic will soon overtake desktop traffic. A shocking number of organizations continue to offer a poor mobile experience, though, that were created simply as an afterthought. Statistics from Google show that this could harm your ability to retain mobile visitors. You should make sure that your content marketing strategy considers your mobile visitors. Here are some key ways to optimize your content marketing strategy for mobile:

  • Work with a mobile-first mindset
  • Optimize all content for mobile
  • Benchmark your speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool

5. Articles with images get 94% more total views (MDG Advertising)

Images are an important part of content marketing. They can be used to drive home key points, share information, and establish a mood. It’s important that you use attractive and well-optimized images throughout the content that you produce - statistics show it will boost your results. There are lots of design collaboration tools that make it easier than ever before for you to create attractive images that follow cutting-edge design conventions. You should be sure to use them to maximize the efficacy of your images.

6. 95% of professionals use email (Smart Data Collective)

Email marketing is very powerful. It is one of the most performant marketing channels available to marketers - it’s also the perfect way to maximize the reach of content that you produce. Surprisingly, lots of marketers fail to share their content effectively using email. You could consider putting together a monthly digest of your content, for instance, or allow your readers to subscribe for updates. When 95% of professionals use email, you’ve simply got to try and find a way to make the channel work for you.

7. 79% of B2B buyers share white papers with colleagues (Forbes)

White papers are a very effective piece of content marketing. They are a great way to share your knowledge and create feelings of goodwill between yourself and your leads. Statistics show that white papers are often shared internally, too, so you have a great chance of getting in front of your target profile.The term “white paper” alone can sound intimidating and this stops marketers from trying to unlock the value of this format. Don’t be turned off, though. It’s simpler than you think to create a valuable white paper using your own information and data. Use one of the many available white paper templates to get started

8. 93% of marketers believe interactive content is effective (Go Gulf)

Interactive content is an exciting trend. It refers to pieces of content marketing like interactive quizzes and contests. This type of content is becoming easier than ever before to produce, thanks to inventive and straightforward tools (like Typeform, for instance).This type of content helps you to create a sense of connection. This is a powerful feeling to generate within your leads and they will feel closer than ever before to your organization after they interact with this type of content.

9. 50% of all homes are podcast fans - that’s over 60 million homes (Adam Enfroy)

Audio content is also more popular than ever before. People listen to podcasts both at home and on the move, and the popularity of audio content will only continue to increase in the coming years as the medium matures. Over the coming years, voice search and audio results are going to become more prevalent too.Lots of businesses decide to create their own podcasts to share their knowledge and attract new leads. If you have a unique angle within your industry, why don’t you consider joining the party?


By now, content marketing is a mature strategy. As these content marketing statistics show, though, there’s still a lot of opportunities to improve your strategy and squeeze more performance from your content. We hope that these statistics help you to do just that.