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Protect your content in 3 ways with Version History

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Version History is now live on Story Chief so the 5W1H: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How around your content is no longer a mystery.

Track Changes with Version History
Track Changes

Track every change in detail

Our newest feature allows you to keep track of who has made what changes and when, in real time. It cuts down confusion and works as a communication tool so everyone can stay on top of the creative process.

Restore Previous Versions with Version History
Restore Previous Versions

Pick a version any version in version history

Once you know where the story is heading you can tackle any questions as to why each change was made. Then it's time to choose how to proceed. You have the power to either run with what you've got or travel back in time and restore a prior version. Then publish!

Everything Is Backed-Up

Everything saved for posterity's sake

Even after your story's been published, your Version History serves as a mini-backup system. You can always call upon it when you need to.

So celebrate! Then check it out for yourself.

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