written by
Ramya Iyer

Story Chief @ SHIFT 2018

Events & Press 1 min read, June 15, 2018
  • Turku, Finland: 21st-22nd of May 2018
  • Theme: Redefining Normal

Story Chief is psyched to be attending The Shift Business Festival in Finland next week.

The theme of the event? REDEFINING NORMAL.

There's nothing "normal" or conventional about how SHIFT throws together an event, which is why Story Chief will feel right at home since blazing trails is what we do.

First of all, the venue is THE OLD PRISON OF KAKOLAN LÄÄNI. Secondly, SHIFT 2018 promises a program full of workshops and roundtables and panels aka less of the typical keynotes format.

We look forward to these interactive sessions and the meaningful conversations that will be had.

Will you be there too? We'd love to connect with you!

Just let us know below and let's connect in "prison!"

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