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StoryChief Releases: Instagram, Video Distribution, Public Comments & New Embeds

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Here at StoryChief, we are always taking new features to the next level. Because of COVID-19, these features were created over countless Zoom calls instead of around our meeting room table. Today they are ready to meet their new users. ❤️

1. Instagram x StoryChief 🖼️

We can now proudly say that you can publish to all your favorite social media channels in StoryChief! On top of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, you can now connect your Instagram business account to reach even more people. 

We created an Instagram Chrome Extension that assists you with scheduling images and videos instantly to Instagram (for the experts: no need to install a mobile app and no mobile push notifications) 🤩

2. Video 📹

Sharing stories, links, text, and images is great. But videos have become so important in the marketing world, we wouldn't want you missing out. Starting today, you can create social posts with videos. Enjoy!

3. Asking feedback just got a lot better!  💬

We’re opening up comments to everyone. Previously only team members could leave feedback on stories. As of today, we’re opening up commenting to everyone, yes also people outside your team like clients. And you decide what comments are public or visible to your team only.

4. New embeds 🧑‍💻

New embeds coming in! ⚡
Add these directly into your stories so your readers feel even more captivated by your content.

  • Imgur
  • Google forms
  • Facebook videos
  • GitHub Gist
  • Podigee
  • podcast co
  • pastebin

Learn how to embed content here!

5. In other news 📰


Since COVID-19, a lot of companies that never worked from home, suddenly needed to change their ways. Here are some of the resources we produced to help you adjust:


We are proud to announce that, even through difficult COVID-19 times, we are happy to welcome 3 new colleagues to the StoryChief team! 

Now more than ever people are looking for more efficient ways to collaborate on their marketing strategies. StoryChief has grown immensely over these past few months and we couldn't have done it without you, thank you for choosing us.


Use our resources to create content about StoryChief and grow together with us.
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Exciting news is coming your way! We can't just yet tell you what it is, but trust us when we tell you it's going to be big. Stay tuned 🤫

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