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Knowledge 3 min read, August 24, 2017

An interview with Denise, Futureproofed...

For almost a year now, Denise Jacobs is a staff member of the project management team at Futreproofed, a consultancy bureau that's been active for over 10 years. The initiative has two main activities. First of all they advise companies and (local) governments in their strategic decision-making. Otherwise they sell an innovative online application called, Futureproofed Cities, a tool that makes it easier to get a grasp on the climate plan. It also provides insights to progressively maintain course, making it possible to achieve climate goals.

We, at Story Chief, suspect it's a challenging task, no doubt. Let us hear about how Story Chief helpt them out.

The team of Futurproofed

The Futureproofed Cities app

To launch a climate plan, must not be a setup. Creating an action driven campaign would be even more arduous. Newspapers tell us often enough the climate shift is a problem of today and not tomorrow, but nothing seemed to be changing for the better. That is until Futureproofed took matters in their own hands.

They understand that doing what has been done for a few years wasn't going to make a great deal of difference in the prospect of changing the environment. Providing numbers and empty promises in the form of reports won't do the trick at all. Success can only be achieved when more actual team players dig their hands in the dirt.

The climate plan shouldn't be an issue for just one person. Many more are responsible to gain better results. Getting governments and their departments involved, so all can visualize and mange the plan, is crucial. Only then one can get a clear overview so efficient communication about the topics is possible. Futureproofed Cities helps doing just that.
Futureproofed Cities App

Noble initiatives

Denise is aware of the added value of creating involvement in the field. That is why Futureproofed implemented an 'inspiration wall', an online location where all active participants of the climate plan can exchange thoughts, attempts and success stories to inspire others to do their part. The amount of content passing by Denise is relatively maintainable, but her other tasks take up an enormous amount of her time. That's why the content marketing flow couldn't take up a lot of time, she decided.

I keep busy with not only consulting but also the coordination around the app. Other then that I focus on the actual projects and the support we give to our customers. It surely is a dynamic job.
Denise Jacobs - member of project management at Futureproofed

How Story Chief fits the bill

We heard about the tool through the IT developer who build Futureproofed Cities. He spoke very enthusiastically about the tool and now we see why. After a quick introduction, I was quickly caught up with all the features. The tool is a reliable asset for us.

Denise was one of the first users we had the pleasure of welcoming. Since her first story was published, we developed a whole set of features to keep up with content marketing trends and demands in the field.

At first I couldn't schedule when I wanted to publish my content. Now, thanks to the schedule feature, I can. Story Chief also sends out blogs providing practical tips and tricks about content marketing. I find that inspiring.

The suggestion of Denise

The strength of Story Chief lays in its missing element. The lay-out is pretty much set. Special styling, headings, other than H2 and H3, are not aloud.

We understand your point, Denise. We get that remark from time to time. Let us explain...
The approach of multi channel mains all channels should be easily updated with fresh content whenever you publish a story. Our tool was built in the purpose of providing every channel possible with content in the same matter as it was published. Not every CMS (website) acknowledges a H5 style or a two column view with text on one site and an image on the other. One tool that fits all. That is our motto.

Should you only publish boorish blocks of text, then? Well no. We like to give you some pointers in how to thin out a mass of text.

  • Use the H2 en H3 tags
  • See if you can implement a bullet list with some take-aways, pro's and con's
  • a impressive image does wonders as well
  • a quote here and there give a story some dynamic

Do you want to share your story, just as Denise did? Our perhaps you have never tried out Story Chief. Be sure to let us know about all you content adventures. We're listening..

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