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Craft stories with your team, keep your stories organized and share previews with clients.

The importance of automated collaboration and distribution

Collaboration with colleagues and people you write for is equally as important as your distribution methods. Story Chief offers a bunch of collaboration tools which help you focus on what matters - delivering highly engaging stories. Because if you offer truly valuable content readers will be more committed to your brand and stories.

What's in it for you?

  • Ask feedback from your customers before publishing
  • Work efficiently with multiple people on each story
  • Invite guest writers/ freelancers
  • Work more coherent with your customers


Leave feedback notes

Let others leave feedback on words, sentences or the whole paragraphs. Just select a piece of text and start the conversation.


Share before publishing

Is your article ready, but prefer a second opinion? Just share the link and send it to someone. He'll also be able to leave notes without even loggin in your account. Say what...


Assign articles to users

Create a new story, start up an article or give instructions and assign it to other users so they can finalise it.


Manage multiple accounts

Are you an agency? Or are you working with multiple brands/divisions? Keep those channels, stories and stats separate. Manage groups of stories easier by switching between accounts.


Invite Guest Writers

Invite Freelancers to write for you. They will have acces to the editor features, will be able to setup publish settings but they won’t be able to publish stories themselves.


Follow Up in Real Time

When other people are writing a story, you can follow the progress live. Do you want to write yourself or you got some comments, you can imediately take over. Handy right?

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