Gain more reads

Because your content is targeted to your audience's platforms, you'll gain more reads.

More reads indicate more engagement

Putting a lot of effort in your stories but not getting enough reads yet? Make sure your content is relevant and well-written but distribution is as important.

Tips and tricks to gain more reads

Posting to your website and social media only is not enough. Reach out to a new audience by going multichannel.

What's in it for you?

  • Create more brand awareness
  • Find new leads
  • Make sure your work is payed off

Easy to use editor

Strong content, easy to create

Story Chief content editor works like magic. Paste or type your text, embed videos, tweets, Instagram posts, full-screen photos, quotes etc. Story Chief makes sure it will look good on all your channels.


Search Engine Optimization

The Story Chief SEO tool helps you create qualitative SEO content by giving you tips on how to improve your ranking. Keep in mind that the content of your story should be written for your readers and not primarily for the search engine. It doesn't hurt however the keep Google and his friends happy, right?


Multiple destinations per channel

You can set up multiple destinations per channel. E.g. multiple Facebook pages, multiple websites or even post content directly into multiple Medium publications.


Create social media posts

While publishing, you can create different social media posts for your story and link them to your article.


Free blog

Don't have a blog yet? Story Chief gives you one for free. will automatically be activated after your registration.

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