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Focus on what matters, making relevant and well-written content. Story Chief does all the monkey work for you.

Time is money

Story Chief lets you manage and distribute content from one place. Craft your article once and publish to multiple websites, make social media posts, post to AMP, include in newsletters and post to content hubs like Collaborate with your colleagues and clients and measure ROI. All-in-one.

What's in it for you?

  • No more monkey work so you can focus on what matters
  • Ability to write more and consistent content

Easy to use editor

Strong content, easy to create

Story Chief content editor works like magic. Paste or type your text, embed videos, tweets, Instagram posts, full-screen photos, quotes etc. Story Chief makes sure it will look good on all your channels.

Plan ahead

Schedule publications

Publish immediately or set a schedule date for your story and social media posts. We also provide custom scheduling for each channel.

Plan ahead

Content calendar

Manage your content in a clear overview.


Multiple destinations per channel

You can set up multiple destinations per channel. E.g. multiple Facebook pages, multiple websites or even post content directly into multiple Medium publications.


Create social media posts

While publishing, you can create different social media posts for your story and link them to your article.


Free blog

Don't have a blog yet? Story Chief gives you one for free. will automatically be activated after your registration.


Manage multiple accounts

Are you an agency? Or are you working with multiple brands/divisions? Keep those channels, stories and stats separate. Manage groups of stories easier by switching between accounts.


Leave feedback notes

Let others leave feedback on words, sentences or the whole paragraphs. Just select a piece of text and start the conversation.

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