Work more efficient and cowork with your team or clients

Assign users to articles

Work together on the same story. Invite photographers, video makers, copywriters or clients while crafting your article.

Send story for approval

Once your work is finished send your story to your editor-in-chief or your client for a review process. They get notified and can give feedback, approve or disapprove your work.

Invite Guest Writers or Freelancers

You can invite an unlimited number of freelancers to write for you. They only see their own stories, are able to work with editor and let their stories get reviewed by your team members. They can not publish themselves.

Manage brands or clients

For each brand you own, or each client you work for, you can set up an account. As owner of those accounts you can switch between them and invite your brand managers or clients.

Manage Campaigns

Create a campaign so you can plan stories upfront, or bundle published stories in a campaign. Assign collaborators and deadlines to that campaign, manage performance and tasks in a campaign dashboard view.

Content planning

Plan your content upfront and assign publication dates and users. You get a content calendar where you get an overview of your scheduled content. Or simply schedule publication date per channel for the same story.


Seamlessly embed these popular tools in your content.

Capture leads to your Email

Capture leads to your Teamleader pipeline

Capture leads to your Hubspot pipeline

Capture leads to your Salesforce pipeline

Capture leads to your Mailchimp list

Embed Facebook posts

Embed Twitter posts

Embed Instagram posts

Embed Slideshare presentations

Embed interactive Google Maps

Embed Youtube video's

Embed Vimeo video's

Embed Wistia video's

Embed Soundcloud audio

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