How it works

A quick overview of what Story Chief can offer you

Easy to use editor

Craft Your Story

Story Chief content editor works like magic. Paste or type your text, embed videos, tweets, Instagram posts, full-screen photos, quotes etc. Story Chief makes sure it will look good on all your channels.


Publish & Share

Publish your story to all your channels in just one click. We’ve created Plug & Play modules for major cms systems so you can setup and start publishing right away, no IT required.

  • Publish to Your Website cms with our plug & play modules
  • Create Social Media Posts for your Story
  • Publish to Medium and inside it's Publications
  • Publish To Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP
  • Publish To Mailchimp email campaigns

Plan ahead

Schedule Publications

Publish immediately or set a schedule date for your story and social media posts. We also provide custom scheduling for each channel.

Improve Conversion Rate‎

Generate Leads Inside your Story

Add a lead capture form directly in your story. If you are using Teamleader CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM or Pipedrive, your lead will go in a certain dealstage, so your sales team knows from which story it came from. You can also send your leads to Mailchimp list or simply let Story Chief mail them to you.


Invite Guest Writers

Invite users to write for you. They will have acces to the editor features, will be able to setup publish settings but they won’t be able to publish stories themselves.

Unified statistics

Measure your impact at one place

With Story Chief’s statistics module you can measure the performance of your stories, performance of users and performance of your channels. Write, analyse and improve.

Agency Program

Manage Multiple Clients and Become a Reseller

Are you an agency and working with clients? Or you have different brands inside your company? Simply setup a new account for each new brand and manage it. If this account becomes a paid account, we will be glad to give you a piece of our cake.

Start your free trial

Organise your flows, save time, write more, make better content and reach more people. Try Story Chief 14 days for free. Start right away, no credit card required.

Get started

Currently our sloths are working on very cool features. Those features will help you get more reach and help you make better content.

We have also some very cool Enterprise features in the pipeline. As for print publishers we have something boiling indeed, don't worry we don't forget about you guys. More about it later.

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