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Inbound Marketing with StoryChief and SiteManager

Convert strangers to leads with multichannel story distribution and relevant landing pages.
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Create relevant content to trigger stranger's interest and send them to the relevant landing page

Story Chief integrates with SiteManager

Convert more leads with our combo

By combining Story Chief and SiteManager you can go multichannel with your stories, send strangers to your landing pages and convert them to leads
StoryChief x Sitemanager

Design landing pages without coding

The SiteManager Visual CMS needs no manual. Simply drag and drop content components on your page. Double click on your content to open the form popup modal. The content will update automatically when you are done editing.
SiteManager feature

Create Better Stories with StoryChief

Your brand's hub for article collaboration, publishing, content planning and performance measurement
StoryChief feature
To be engaged on Social media demands a certain set of skills. StoryChief makes it approachable and easy to be present throughout well-thought-out content marketing. The simplicity of it all makes it so no one has the excuse of skipping the step of brand awareness in their marketing strategy.
Koen De Puydt

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Our tool grows with our users. We take all feature requests seriously, we analyze feedback and deploy fast. All users get new features included in their plan without extra costs.
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