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Let your co-workers, friends, and fans share your stories on their personal social networks.
Story Chief Features
"With this feature, i've generated a lot more leads"
Trusted by 500+ happy users and customers
Spread the word even more
through your ambassadors
Share your stories by the ambassador and it will boost your business
Boost Reach
Quickly distribute your content on all the right channels at the time you want.
Gain Reads
Valuable content creates opportunities to trigger general interest and views.
Create Brand Awareness
Publish your stories on multiple websites, communities, social media and email channels.
Boost Engagement
Craft good stories. Share with your fans and let the word of mouth do all the work.
Generate leads
Put lead capture forms right into your story, data will be gathered in your CRM or Mailchimp list.
Save Time
Craft once and publish or schedule anywhere with just one click.
We obviously needed a new content platform, which could help us to implement a strong communication plan. When we tried Story Chief, the choice for the tool was quickly made. The design is intuitive, fun to work in and created more motivation for our content team which results in better stories we tell.
Michiel Crommerlinck
Product manager, Officient
To be engaged on Social Media demands a certain set of skills. Story Chief makes it approachable and easy to be present throughout well-thought-out content marketing. The simplicity of it all makes it so no one has the excuse of skipping the step of brand awareness in their marketing strategy.
Koen de Puydt
Legal Partner, ORYS Advocaten
Digitalisation and working efficiently are not a luxury! Our quest for a solution with maximum return and minimum effort has been succeeded, when we found Story Chief. Since the implementation of Story Chief our communication strategy has been streamlined and we've created more impact and reach with our content.
Servaas Le Compte
Founder, Artists United
How it works
Identify & invite
Import your existing contacts and
invite them. They will confirm their ambassadorship through a
double opt-in.
Manage your ambassadors and choose which ambassadors to notify per story
Every time a story is published you can notify your ambassadors.
They will be asked to share your story on their personal networks.
Track the advocacy engagement and watch your reach skyrocket.
Start your 14-day trial and get a free content website
Everyone who starts a trial gets a free content website. No need to setup tech stuff, just click and start publishing.
Free trial Story Chief
Free 14 days trial, no credit card needed. After trial your plan will automatically be converted to free plan with limited features.

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