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Deliver your news to the press
Send press releases and track performance
Sharing your content on social media seems obvious for most marketers but what if there was an even better way to share your content? Now, you can prompt your brand's ambassadors to share your content with their network in a click of the button.
Empower your customers, fans, and brand ambassadors to share your products and services with their networks.
Increase traffic and
boost social engagment
Add comments to drafts and edit in real-time within our user-friendly editor. You decide which comments are visible for everyone or your team only.
Content collaboration
made easy
Ask team members or clients to review content by starting an approval flow before your press release goes out.
Make quality your main focus
Set deadlines when your press releases need to go out and publish content automatically to your press contacts.

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See the big picture in one marketing calendar

Publish automated marketing campaigns and determine the best type of content to distribute, who your most active advocates are, and the impact they are having on your business.
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and watch your reach grow
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Schedule your posts and save time
Plan when your content is scheduled on your channels and never look at it again. You'll never miss any deadlines with your own content calendar.
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Promote your content on all relevant social media channels in one place. We have native integration with all the main social networks.
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Your job doesn't stop when you've published your content. Find out which content is performing best on which channels and get insights about your target audience.
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