StoryChief for Small Business

Find new customers through stories. Promote your website, service or product with content marketing. Share your stories on social media, send email digests and get more sales.

Generate more sales by going multichannel

Make sure your business gets the attention it deserves by delivering relevant content. Write stories about the topics your audience is looking for and get better search results. Lead more customers to your website by publishing on channels on which your targeted audience is present.
More sales with Multichannel | Story Chief

How Story Chief can help you grow your business

Go Multichannel Small Business
Go Multichannel
Quickly distribute your content on all the right channels at the time you want.
Collaborate better Small Business
Collaborate Better
Craft stories with your team, keep your stories organized and share previews with clients.
Gain more reads Small Business
Gain Reads
Valuable content creates opportunities to trigger general interest and views.
Generate leads Small Business
Generate Leads
Put lead capture forms right into your story, data will be gathered in your CRM or a mailing list.
Create Brand Awareness Small Business
Create Brand Awareness
Publish your stories on multiple websites, communities, social media and email channels.
Save Time Small Business
Save Time
Craft once and publish or schedule anywhere with just one click.

Get tips to improve your SEO and readability scores while you write

Our SEO assistant tool helps you get 100% SEO score for your article, without loosing the readability factor. Increase your Google ranking by 300% by following the instructions while you write.
Writing Collaboration Tool | Story Chief

Work with external writers

Invite guest writers, freelancers or agencies to write content right in your editor. They only see stories to which they are assigned and can not publish or see other stuff in your account.
Collaborate writers Small Businesses

Inbound with StoryChief

By combining StoryChief and SiteManager you can go multichannel with your stories, send strangers to your landing pages and convert them to leads.
Story Chief x SiteManager
To be engaged on Social media demands a certain set of skills. StoryChief makes it approachable and easy to be present throughout well-thought-out content marketing. The simplicity of it all makes it so no one has the excuse of skipping the step of brand awareness in their marketing strategy.
Koen De Puydt
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Other Features
Our goal is to centralize your Story flows!
Streamlined copywriter to editor-in-chief process. Review co-workers and guest writers, get tips from our powerful SEO tool, get approvals from clients and managers. Manage content calendar for planning and scheduling.
One-click-publishing to your website's, social pages, AMP channels, newsletters and external hubs (,, ...). Promote stories through brand/employee advocacy, press, and influencers or publish to the free corporate blog you get from us.
Measure actual reads, time spent in articles, views, and clicks of your content across all the channels you publish to.
Get an overview of your scheduled and future stories and assign writers to them.
Let your co-workers, friends, and fans share your stories on their personal social networks.
Don't have a blog website yet? You get one from us. For free.
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