Our team of dedicated sloths

Team of multicultural experts born in seven different parts of the world has gathered together to create something beautiful. Check out our Brand Guidelines with Values and Reasons to get up in the morning.
Security Manager
Gregory Claeyssens
Co-founder and CTO
Brik De Maeyer
Co-founder and CTO
Valeri Potchekailov
Co-founder and CEO
Chun Kay Tang
Sales - EMEA
Gus Florez
Front-end engineer
Gustavo Caetano
Software Engineer
Iva Divic
Cherryl Turner
Sales — The Americas
Sam Fielding
Customer Success
Jason Wilmot
Growth Hacking
Willem Delbare
Trusted Advisor
Pieter Casneuf
Trusted Advisor

What's in our StoryChief DNA?

A healthy obsession with getting your content to your target audience wherever they may be— to their devices and to every channel, at the right time.
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Content is king, but distribution is queen
and she wears the pants