Our team of dedicated sloths

Gregory Claeyssens
Makes sure the tools work
Hasn't slept in months.
Too busy fixing bugs.
Handles his business.
De Maeyer
Makes sure the engine runs
Runs marathons, especially
when work needs to be done.
His glasses are always spotless.
Valeri Potchekailov
Makes sure the app looks good
Goes pitching and forgets his laptop with the presentation on it. Closes deal.
True story.
Willem Delbare
Plays Mario Kart all day
CTO of another startup but
hangs out with us.
Nobody's complaining though.

Chun Kay Tang
Haven't heard from him yet?
Well, you will.
Don't say we didn't warn you.
Jun Song
Writes stuff
Won Big Brother USA.
Manipulates minds with words.
Shares her snacks with everyone.
Gustavo Caetano
Engineers stuff
Writes code on the beach in Brazil.
Is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.
Be careful when you churn.
Jolien Evaert
Designs stuff
Mysterious globetrotter.
Minimalist by nature.
Takes way too many pics of mountains.
Security Manager
If he barks when you enter,
then you're not alright.
Labradoodle Extraordinaire.
Secret Spy
Growth Hacking Ninja
Wants to remain anonymous.

What's in our Story Chief DNA?

A healthy obsession with getting your content to your target audience wherever they may be— to their devices and to every channel, at the right time.
Start publishing content in seconds to our plug-and-play blog system or by linking your own cms, social and email channels
Content is king, but distribution is queen
and she wears the pants