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Working together in Word

Co-create content with your team or freelancers in the easiest environment of all times, the Story Chief editor.
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The Story Chief editor is more than just a Word editor.
In Word you can craft stories just as powerfully written as in the Story Chief editor, BUT .. Working together can be tricky in a traditional Word environment. Changes, updates, images, comments and second opinions can get lost in mailtraffic or verbal feedback. No more frustration when working in the Story Chief editor, where all additions are collected in one Word cloud page.

Also, a lot of things can go wrong when you publish the story. Copying content from Word to your CMS doesn't always guarantee the result you wanted. Using the same editor for distribution eliminates possibles flaws, errors or changes to the layout. The Story Chief Word editor is an all-in-one tool for your content publishing.
From write to publish
Start a new story or campaign in Story Chief. Write a story or invite other writers to write for you.
Cloud Word Editor
All your content is stored in the cloud environment of Story Chief, safe and easy to access for all invited users.
Hire talent
If needed, find the perfect freelancer to write the story for you, threw the talent network app. Your new virtual colleague will be payed once the job is done.
Collaborate within the Word editor, place comments and approve when the story is ready for the public. Only the owner has the permission to publish.
Select all your channels and hit publish. Story Chief will do all the publishing work for you.
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