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Collaborate Better

Workflow for the entire team in real time.

Made for writers by writers. Centralize your communication strategy. Streamline your content flows and maximize efficiency.
Writing Collaboration Tool | Story Chief
Work better together
Achieve the best team collaboration online and boost your editorial workflow by 60%.
Improve your SEO
Optimize your content strategy and increase your Google ranking by 300%.
Content Calendar
Track deadlines and plan your future stories and assign collaborators to them.

Be everywhere with one click

One click publishing for managing your social media marketing and circle of ambassadors and influencers. Schedule and publish stories to your own channels, to AMP pages, and to external hubs (Medium, Blogger, …).
Set up in seconds
You'll have your website up and running in seconds.
Focus on writing
Comes with all the tools a writer needs.
No technical setup
No plugins or coding. It's all auto-activated.

Measure the quality of your Stories

Measure impact and analyze performance of all your accounts in one place. Monitor your lead generation and track engagements automatically. Build your following effectively.
Capture leads right in each story and on your homepage.
Pin your stories in a click and make it an featured article.
Gain Lead Generation
Pin your Articles
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Your blog gets the personalized URL it deserves.
Mobile devices now provide 65% of worldwide readership.
Own Domain Name
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"Moved my content website from Wordpress to StoryChief blog. Everything was set up in seconds, no more technical hurdles!"
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Olivier De Cock
CEO / Startersfabriek
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Journalist / Compact Publishing
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CEO / Artists United
Our users are just like you
And yeah, they also thought they were doing just fine working in Gdocs and WordPress.
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"Moved my content website from Wordpress to StoryChief blog. Everything was set up in seconds, no more technical hurdles!"
Hans Hermans
Freelance Journalist and
owner of Compact Publishing
Other Features
Our goal is to centralize your Story flows!
Streamlined copywriter to editor-in-chief process. Review co-workers and guest writers, get tips from our powerful SEO tool, get approvals from clients and managers. Manage content calendar for planning and scheduling.
One-click-publishing to your websites, social pages, AMP channels, newsletters and external hubs (,, ...). Promote stories through brand/employee advocacy, press, and influencers or publish to the free corporate blog you get from us.
Measure actual reads, time spent in articles, views, and clicks of your content across all the channels you publish to.
Get an overview of your scheduled and future stories and assign writers to them.
Let your co-workers, friends, and fans share your stories on their personal social networks.
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