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Make beautiful content quickly and easily. Publish it to a range of digital channels and measure your impact and ROI.

Step 1
Craft story
Step 2
Publish anywhere

Magazine publishers

As a publisher you can create your own mobile app with Story Chief and sell your articles there or on your website. And if you don’t have one, Story Chief will host them for you.

Your own Kiosk app

Digital Marketers

As a marketer you can push your content via social media, email, your website and many other channels.


Accelerated Mobile Publishing

Publish your content on mobile channels like Facebook instant articles, Apple news, Google AMP – and ensure your articles load instantly.

Facebook Instant Articles
Step 3
Measure your impact

With Story Chief’s centralized analytics system, you can measure the impact of your story, across different channels, all in one place.

Coming fall 2016

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Story Chief is a brand new tool that lets you push your content to different publishing channels. It has a universal editor that lets you create beautiful stories with ease, making them look as they should on a range of different channels and measure your impact in one place.

Easy to use editor

Create and craft content

Say goodbye to Word like editors that deliver text and blocks that don’t work, and leave you frustrated because of poor html output.

Story Chief content editor works like magic. Just drag and drop your blocks and paste or type your text, embed videos, full screen photos, quotes etc. and let Story Chief take care of the rest.


Publish anywhere

Publish to a range of digital channels from one place. Once you’ve created your article you can publish it with just one click to 10+ different channels.

Do you need your own mobile app? With Story Chief you can easily create one and push the articles you want to charge for right there.

Unified statistics

Measure your impact in one place

With Story Chief’s statistics module you’ll have only one dashboard, letting you measure and view the stats by channel or all channels together. Analyze user behaviour and react quickly. And save yourself a lot of time.

Coming fall 2016

Get notified when it’s launched

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