Content management for marketers,
publishers and bloggers

Make beautiful content fast and easy, publish it to a spread of
digital channels and measure your ROI.

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Go multichannel

Bring the right content at the right time to the right channel

Collaborate better

Craft stories with your team, keep your stories organized and share previews with clients

Generate leads

Put leadcapture forms right into your story, they will be gathered in your CRM or will be saved in your Mailchimp list

Gain more reads

Because your content is targeted to your audience's platforms, you'll gain more reads.

Create brand awareness

Plant seeds on multiple websites, communities, social media an email channels

Save time

Craft once and publish or schedule anywhere with just one click.

Easy to use editor

Craft content

Say goodbye to Word like editors that deliver text and blocks that don't work, and leave you frustrated because of poor HTML output.

Story Chief content editor works like magic. Just drag and drop your blocks and paste or type your text, embed videos, full screen photos, quotes etc. and let Story Chief take care of the rest.


Publish and share anywhere

Publish to a range of digital channels from one place. Once you've created your article you can publish it with just one click to 10+ different channels.

Don't worry about duplicated content warnings. We've got this covered.

Unified statistics

Measure your impact at one place

With Story Chief's statistics module you'll have only one dashboard, letting you measure and view the stats by channel or all channels together. Analyze user behaviour and react quickly. And save yourself a lot of time.

Story Chief is a brand new tool that lets you push your content to different publishing channels. It has a universal editor that lets you create beautiful stories with ease, making them look as they should on all your channels and the tool measures your impact in one place.

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