Content collaboration

Work together on content in one workspace from anywhere

Use one content collaboration workspace to create the best content, together with your team
"Thanks to StoryChief, we can now publish to different channels with one simple click. That saves us a lot of time, and it is, of course, also a lot easier."
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The best content is the result of teamwork
Multiple people are working on creating the best content for your organisation. We want to make sure they keep in sync while doing so. That's why we've created a content collaboration workspace you can access no matter where you are.
Organize your team and give permissions according to their role within your organization
Give access to the right people
Add comments to drafts and edit in real-time within our user-friendly editor. You decide which comments are visible for everyone or your team only.
Content collaboration
made easy
Add editorial briefs to content pieces and make sure your team's on the same page.
Keep your team in sync
Ask team members or clients to review content by starting an approval flow before your content goes out.
Make quality your main focus
Join more than 5,000 companies who are already working with StoryChief
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Turn content into multichannel campaigns easily
Once your team has approved of the content, you can turn it into a multichannel campaign with the click of a button.
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Publish your best content on autopilot
Create a content calendar that's filled with your most qualitative content and schedule it ahead of time to publish automatically on the channels you choose.
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Connect the tools your team already uses
StoryChief has integrated with more than 2,000 software tools. Supercharge your team's workflow by connecting the tools you're already using.
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Keep all your content in one place
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