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      Are you a startup?

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      We've got you covered! Let's hear how many stories you want to publish and the number of people you work with. Also if you need custom integrations we'll be glad to help!
      Pro plans come with personal support.
      Our free plan is for individual users who publish 5 stories or less a month. You will be able to create stories and post them to your free blog you get from us:

      You'll be able to promote stories and make social media posts as well as gather stats.

      What's in for you?
      Go Multichannel | Story Chief
      Go Multichannel
      Quickly distribute your content on all the right channels at the time you want.
      Collaborate better | Story Chief
      Collaborate Better
      Craft stories with your team, keep your stories organized and share previews with clients.
      Gain Reads | Story Chief
      Gain Reads
      Valuable content creates opportunities to trigger general interest and views.
      Generate Leads | Story Chief
      Generate Leads
      Put lead capture forms right into your story, data will be gathered in your CRM or Mailchimp list.
      Create Brand Awareness | Story Chief
      Create Brand Awareness
      Publish your stories on multiple websites, communities, social media and email channels.
      Save time | Story Chief
      Save Time
      Craft once and publish or schedule anywhere with just one click.
      Start your 14-day trial and get a free content website
      Everyone who starts a trial gets a free content website. No need to setup tech stuff, just click and start publishing.
      Free trial Story Chief
      Free 14 days trial. No credit card required. When the trial is expired, your plan will automatically be converted to a free plan with limited features.
      We are ready for GDPR, check our security test results and see how we manage our data safety
      Our Features
      Our goal is to centralize your Story flows!
      Streamlined copywriter to editor-in-chief process. Review co-workers and guest writers, get tips from our powerful SEO tool, get approvals from clients and managers. Manage content calendar for planning and scheduling.
      One-click-publishing to your websites, social pages, AMP channels, newsletters and external hubs (,, ...). Promote stories through brand/employee advocacy, press, and influencers or publish to the free corporate blog you get from us.
      Measure actual reads, time spent in articles, views, and clicks of your content across all the channels you publish to.
      Get an overview of your scheduled and future stories and assign writers to them.
      Let your co-workers, friends, and fans share your stories on their personal social networks.
      Don't have a blog website yet? You get one from us. For free.