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We think it is very important to score well on Google, and StoryChief helps with that. When creating content with our team, the platform indicates whether the text and structure are optimized for search engines in order to rank higher on Google.
Marketing Manager Besox
Create content campaigns that are tailored to each channel. Publish articles to your Drupal websites, create social posts and promote content through newsletters.

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"Thanks to StoryChief, we can now publish to different channels with one simple click. That saves us a lot of time, and it is, of course, also a lot easier."
Campaign Manager
Invite colleagues, clients, and guest writers and start working on fully-fledged marketing campaigns: add editorial briefs, edit in real-time and start an approval flow before your content goes out.

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Collaborate without giving access to your Drupal site

"With StoryChief, we found a solution to bring 20 partners, editors, and our agency together. We were able to keep everything centralized."
Head of Digital - Absoluut
Set deadlines when your stories need to go out and publish content automatically on your favorite marketing channels.

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See the big picture in one marketing calendar

"With StoryChief, we organize it all in one place, review it and then post it live whenever it's ready. Or even schedule it if it's for later."
CEO Salesflare
Get a broad understanding of your performance across multiple accounts, and in-depth insights into specific channels.

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StoryChief connects with more than 1,000 apps to make content marketing as easy as possible for your business.

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