We are always looking for talent. Are you a real pro? Do you know your stuff? Are you motivated?
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Are you the sloth we are looking for?
JS/PHP Full Stack Developer
Ideally, you'd have a strong background in web development. Front and back-end alike. A preference for either of them is fine but we believe a web developer should know the basics of both edges at least.

You have college degree and are not only eager to learn, but you enjoy teaching your colleagues new stuff too.
Senior Backend Developer
Repeatedly fix what you repeatedly break is what you do.
You have experience in a number of languages and architectures. Most importantly with PHP/Laravel 5, though not a must.
Even though you specialise in the backend, you do have some experience with front-end technologies and don't shy away of stepping in where needed. You love to teach and learn from your co-workers.
International Senior Marketer in SaaS
You have multiple years of experience in marketing strategy for SaaS. You've worked abroad, or live abroad now. You have a different mindset than an average Belgian entrepreneur. I'm sure we can lure you with beer, chocolate and french Belgian fries with mayo.
You know how inbound works. You are a good writer and have a good taste for design. A big high-five if you can create graphics.
Growth Hacker
Driven by data, A/B testing and you are creative in finding new hacky ways to attract leads. You know your tools and have experience, show us examples of your work.
Customer Success
You are easily falling in love with products. You learn every detail about the tool and make sure your love is transferred to our clients so they become addicted too.
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We love students. Experience the start up life with us! We are rebels and invent our own rules. Thinking differently about company culture, flows and problem solving than an average company is what drives us to be innovators.
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