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Use our resources to create content about StoryChief and grow together with us.
These few simple rules and resources will help you use our branding elements to communicate the StoryChief brand most effectively.
How to explain StoryChief and what are the key features?
We'll be covering why StoryChief is important, how it is pitched and content you can use to make your own reviews.
all-in-one content marketing
What is StoryChief?
Use StoryChief for collaboration on SEO blogposts, social posts and one-click multichannel distribution
Why StoryChief?
Main benefits of using StoryChief
Save costs
StoryChief eliminates about 5-6 tools on average. Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Evergreen scheduling, Ambassador notification tools, GDocs, Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets, PR tools, SEO formatting and more. People will have both blogging and Social Media collaboration all-in-one tool.

"It has literally replaced 5 other tools or manual steps we were using. Super easy to use and highly intuitive." - Rick Bannerman, marketer at Social Gorillas

Increase brand awareness and reach more people
With one click you can publish social media posts and blogposts to tons of different channels. Like Website's,, Newsletters, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Pressrooms and it even triggers employees or ambassadors to reshare your content on their own social networks

"It's a great system - works really well and the results are great on each unique platform" - Fraser N
. Founder of a marketing agency
StoryChief interface is very simple and straightforward. It was made for by designers and marketers in order make sure less tech savvy people can get started on their own easilly. Approval flow and collaboration features make sure the whole team can be involved in the content creation process.

"Very positive experience. It easy to use and with an almost flat learning curve. Everyone can do it and focus on the content in stead of the software." - Priscilla R. Director of a Cosmetica firm

Collaborate on blogs and social media posts. All in one place.

Generate brand awareness
Get organic traffic
Save time
Get insights on performance
StoryChief a central hub for all your digital content endeavors. You can create content campaigns that are multi-format and multi-channel. Mix and match collaboration and distribution of blog posts and stand-alone social posts all-in-one tool!

SEO blogposts, images, links, videos, ... you name it, we publish it.

Some of our cooler features (because we personally love them all) allow you to:
✅ Give feedback and approve article's and social posts' content remotely
✅ Distribute articles and social posts to all your websites, social channels and newsletters with one click!
✅ Plan content in the Content Calendar
✅ Gather multichannel results in one dashboard
❤️ Automatically trigger your customers, fans and employees to reshare your content on their channels to multiply your reach
✅ Revive evergreen content by scheduling social posts about the same topic for the whole year upfront
✅ Measure SEO score of your article and get SEO tips on how to optimize your content for search engines
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Our Best Articles
Our blogposts that you can use to create your own stories
STEP 2. use feature based resources
Reuse content from our most successful campaigns
Use this resources if you want to focus on a particular feature
Social Media Management Product Hunt launch campaign
Brand new Social Media Collaboration tool. Invite colleagues, get approvals from clients or managers, build multi-touch social presence and share reports.
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SEO Tool Launch campaign
Optimize your blog posts for SEO and distribute them with a click. StoryChief is the reliable tool that lets you co-create, plan, optimize, and distribute articles to different publishing channels from one place.
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Ambassadors Feature campaign
Let your ambassadors get your latest stories in their pocket. They can repost it to their personal networks with one click.
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Ebook on content marketing campaign
We're walking you through every step of the content marketing process through a remote perspective. And along the way, we're dropping trips and tricks to help you:

✅save time ✅stay sane ✅hit your goal metrics

Grab your favorite blanket and take a seat on your couch (bye office chair), and let's get started.

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