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Because your content is targeted to your audience's platforms, you'll gain more reads.

The importance of your presence

Of course your brand is present on multiple platforms to create extra touchpoints and business opportunities. You already know it's necessary to go beyond your social media reach to improve your visibility. Right?

Tips and tricks to give your brand stories some extra punch

  • Let everyone know all about you - try setting up company pages in content hubs
  • Be informative - post qualitative content
  • Post consistent - send automated newsletters to your subscribers
  • Usability is key - use AMP channels

What's in it for you?

  • Create extra touchpoints by going multichannel
  • Enlarge your audience, reach people beyond your followers
  • Boost reliability by communicating consistently
  • Gain more leads and ultimately more customers


Multiple destinations per channel

You can set up multiple destinations per channel. E.g. multiple Facebook pages, multiple websites or even post content directly into multiple Medium publications.


Create social media posts

While publishing, you can create different social media posts for your story and link them to your article.


Free blog

Don't have a blog yet? Story Chief gives you one for free. will automatically be activated after your registration.

Plan ahead

Schedule publications

Publish immediately or set a schedule date for your story and social media posts. We also provide custom scheduling for each channel.

Plan ahead

Content calendar

Manage your content in a clear overview.

Unified statistics

Measure impact

With Story Chief’s statistics module you can measure the performance of your stories, performance of users and performance of your channels. Write, analyse 
and improve.

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