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Whether you are big or small, Story Chief can help you get more reads and leads with less effort. Story Chief's features are as powerful for enterprise companies as for small businesses. We have a pay-as-you-grow pricing plan which is based on volume content you produce. Let's grow together!

Story Chief Features

Connect all your channels and get inspired to add some more

Create a layer above your CMS using Story Chief. No need to replace your current CMS system, your system becomes an output channel for Story Chief. Connect all your website(s) and your social media company pages, integrate AMP channels, import your mail campaigns and link your external content hubs (,, ..)
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Story Chief Editor is an amazing place for copywriters. Pure simplicity, no distractions and it comes with very powerful integrations
Power boost your content with rich interactive media from your favorite services
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Easier Collaboration
No need to copy paste content in your CMS after you've finished the review process. Write, review and collaborate inside the editor. After your story is approved by your colleagues just choose your channels and hit publish.
Start new story
Startup a new story, describe the brief or start writing on your own
Invite collaborators or Guest Writers
Invite Guest Writers or external freelancers to write the story for you, or invite colleagues to do the same
Review and Give Feedback
Share your content privately with clients or co-workers, then provide feedback with inline comments
Approve or Disapprove
Get approvals for publishing from your editor-in-chief
Publish anywhere
Choose your channels and publish or schedule with one click
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Plan your future stories and assign collaborators to them

With our Campaign Feature you can schedule future stories and manage your copywriters by assigning them to the right topics

See your campaign's performance

Story Chief measures the quality of your content. One dashboard to see actual reads, views, clicks and average read time across different channels. Go omnichannel and create more brand awareness.
See your campaign's performance | Story Chief
Link any channel with our API documentation
Start your 14-day trial and get a free content website
Everyone who starts a trial gets a free content website. No need to setup tech stuff, just click and start publishing.
Free 14 days trial, no credit card needed. After trial your plan will automatically be converted to free plan with limited features.
What's in for you?
Go Multichannel | Story Chief
Go Multichannel
Quickly distribute your content on all the right channels at the time you want.
Collaborate better | Story Chief
Collaborate Better
Craft stories with your team, keep your stories organized and share previews with clients.
Gain Reads | Story Chief
Gain Reads
Valuable content creates opportunities to trigger general interest and views.
Generate Leads | Story Chief
Generate Leads
Put lead capture forms right into your story, data will be gathered in your CRM or Mailchimp list.
Create Brand Awareness | Story Chief
Create Brand Awareness
Publish your stories on multiple websites, communities, social media and email channels.
Save Time | Story Chief
Save Time
Craft once and publish or schedule anywhere with just one click.

Inbound with Story Chief

By combining Story Chief and SiteManager you can go multichannel with your stories, send strangers to your landing pages and convert them to leads
Story Chief x Sitemanager
We are ready for GDPR, check our security test results and see how we manage our data safety
Story chief

All Features overview

There is more. Our tool grows with our users. We take all feature requests seriously, we analyze feedback and deploy fast. All users get new features included in their plan without extra costs.
Write and Collaborate
Story Chief Editor
SEO Booster
Add Rich Media
Capture Leads
Correct Lay Out
Multi-lingual support
Campaigns and Content Planning
Publish to your CMS
Publish to Social Media
Publish to Newsletters
Publish to Content Hubs
Story Performance Dashboard
Campaign Performance Dashboard
Measure Quality of your content
Powerboost your content flows
Start your free trial right now. Just like that.