Multichannel Marketing

Distribute blogs to multiple channels with a click

Reach more people with less work

Publishing to multiple channels through StoryChief will have a positive impact on your SEO score. When you publish you'll have to choose your primary destination which will be indexed. Canonical tags will be set automatically.
content marketing automation
Reach more people with one click
Distribute content to all your channels and beyond

One-click-publishing to your websites, social media, newsletters, external hubs, referral and AMP channels
content marketing automation
Increase traffic and boost your reach with referral marketing
Boost your reach with referral marketing
content marketing automation
It's in the details
Fine-tune your social media posts with custom content, audience restrictions and UTM parameters
Fine-tune your social media posts with custom images, audience restrictions and UTM parameters

Publish right away or schedule for later

Control the pace of your posts.

You decide when your stories go live and where. Stagger your announcements or choose to publish on channels on the same day.
Writing Collaboration Tool | Story Chief

Content Calendar

See your entire content schedule at a glance. Plan and assign content to your team.

SEO Content

Collaborate on articles, optimize for search engines and publish multichannel.

Social Media Management.

Build multi-channel presence for your brand with a few clicks.
Where can I publish my story?
Publish to multiple websites you own
With Story Chief you create a layer above all your websites, which simplifies the content production processes. After your story is finished in Story Chief, just publish it to your websites with one click.It will be saved in your database and the layout will automatically be adjusted to defined branding of your website.
Publish to your personal blog you get from us
Don't have a blog website yet? Just use your free corporate blog you get from us. It's auto generated when you start your account.
Create Social Media posts which link to the article
Create Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin post to promote your story. The links will go to your primary website.
Publish to the AMP channels
Improve click through rate by 70% by boosting loading times on mobile devices. Publish your stories to Facebook and Google as AMP version.
Promote stories through your ambassadors and influencers
Increase reach by 1,000% by sharing your brand stories through the personal social channels of your colleagues, friends and influencers.
Embed stories in automated newsletters
Easily setup news digests by integrating your favorite mailing tools with Story Chief.
Publish to communities
Increase reach and brand awareness by publishing to, communities.
Your channel not listed in our presets? Link any channel with our API documentation
Don't have a blog yet? Launch one now in just 10 seconds
No tech stuff to set up. Just click and start publishing.
"Moved my content website from Wordpress to StoryChief blog. Everything was set up in seconds, no more technical hurdles!"
Hans Hermans
Freelance Journalist and
owner of Compact Publishing