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"At Salesflare, we publish about two pieces of content per week. Before using StoryChief, this took us hours, and now it takes about 15 minutes."

Jeroen Corthout, co-founder & CEO
About Salesflare
Salesflare is an easy-to-use and automated CRM, used by thousands of agencies globally. Because of their rapid growth the past years, finding the time to create content had become difficult.

Their content creation process used to take up multiple hours per week. Without a centralised content creation platform, they found themselves switching between different tools and losing important time to grow their business.
"What we gained mostly on was checking whether everything was done correctly, posting on all different channels on which we place our articles, and also distributing it on social media."
How we helped Salesflare
Before using StoryChief, the content team at Salesflare used to switch between different tools to create and publish their content.

Now, they work together on their content in our collaborative platform. When a story's ready to go, they share it on the major social media platforms with the click of a button.
Streamlined content creation workflow
By implementing StoryChief, Salesflare simplified their content creation workflow which allowed them to focus on creating better and more content.
All-in-one collaborative platform
Every new article starts with an in-app editorial brief. Co-authors can easily add comments and ask for the approval once they feel the article is ready.
Sharing across all major channels
What good is your content when it doesn't get seen by your audience? Salesflare publishes their stories twice a week on their social media without the hassle of posting to every channel individually.
With StoryChief, we organize it all in one place, review it and then post it live whenever it's ready. Or even schedule it if it's for later.
Jeroen Corthout, Co-founder & CEO of Salesflare
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