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StoryChief Releases: Social Media Management

StoryChief Updates 3 min read

StoryChief has always been about optimizing your content creation process. Creating blog posts while being able to collaborate on them with your team, publishing them to all your channels with one click and measuring the results all in one place.

But now it has become a central hub for all your content endeavors. From now on you can create content campaigns that are multi-format and multi-channel. Mix and match blog posts and stand-alone social posts all-in-one tool! Stories, images, links, videos, ... You name it, we publish it!

Welcome to Social!

StoryChief: Social

Let's dive right in and see how StoryChief can help you optimize your new social media content strategy! Start by creating your StoryChief account for free if you haven't already.

⚡️ Centralize your social media strategy

From your 'Social posts' page, you can not only create new social posts but also:

  • View reports and see which channels work best for you
  • Check the status of already existing posts
  • View metrics at a glance
  • See who's collaborating on social posts
  • And so much more!

🤓 How to create social posts

Just click on + new postset to get started. Inside the new social editor, the entire process of creating posts is streamlined, saving you even more time.

1. First, let's create your master message. This will be used as a template for all of your activated channels. Have you decided on what kind of post you want to publish?

  • A top-notch story you created in StoryChief
  • An image to grab your readers' attention
  • A link to an awesome landing page on your website
  • A video of your recorded webinar

These are just a few options to help you get going. Let your creativity loose on this one!

2. Activate the channels you want to publish to, giving you the freedom to target specific audiences. Post your content to Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and company pages), Google My Business or even Slack.

Create a Master post & Publish Everywhere

3. Now that you've activated the channels you want to publish to, you can start tailoring those channels. We recommend doing this to create a custom message for different audiences, increasing your reach.

👥 Collaboration is key!

If you are already using StoryChief for your stories, you know that we aim for collaboration to be fast and seamless. Social posts are no exception.

No need to copy-paste content in your CMS after you've finished the review process. Write, review and collaborate inside the editor. Our easy flow from copywriter/ content creator to social media manager will save you tons of time. After your story is approved by your colleagues, we're on to scheduling!

🤳🏼 Your content should be evergreen

Pro tip: Don't just promote your content once! Create multiple post sets about it over a long period of time. Especially if it will stay relevant for your audience. To quickly do this, duplicate an entire post set straight from the editor or from your Social posts page.

This enables you to entertain huge portions of your online audience even when you're not online yourself. This can prove to be most beneficial if your businesses have fans that are scattered across different time zones. Publish or schedule stories with one click. Post a blog on your website, create social posts, improve conversions with AMP channels, send digests through mail and push content to external content hubs.

Revive Content

📈 Published social posts = statistics

StoryChief tracks the total amount of views, clicks, and shares of your posts. These can be seen in both your Stories page and also in individual detailed reports.

A report shows you combined stats for all channels as well as on an individual channel basis. This is perfect for understanding where your audience is and to easily check the digital footprint of your social media presence.

Don't forget to group your social posts in campaigns and measure the performance of your topics.

Measure your content

Now you're all set to start working on your new social media content strategy. Ready to try this new feature? Go ahead!

Our developers are already working on new updates to help you optimize your content marketing. So stay tuned because more exciting things are coming your way.

PS: You haven't signed up for StoryChief? No problem! Create your free account today and start working on your social media strategy here.