20+ Impressive Ways StoryChief Enhances Marketing Results For Your Clients

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Your clients come to you with a diverse spectrum of goals and expectations. Whether it's increasing engagement, driving more website traffic, generating leads, or streamlining processes to showcase ROI, your mission is clear, and you aim to deliver exceptional marketing results.

The challenge lies in finding a solution that adapts to each client's requirements without draining your resources. The good news is, that you don't need an array of complicated tools or a convoluted workflow to achieve these ambitious objectives.

With the right strategy and approach, your agency can unlock marketing results that will elevate your performance and help you scale your success.

This article is your guide to discovering over 20 powerful ways to help you achieve remarkable results for your agency and your clients.

Achieve marketing results with ease

What are the objectives you aim to achieve for your clients or your business? Choose any option from this list to discover how StoryChief can help you accomplish them.

>300% engagement on social media

Blue River Marketing, a content marketing agency specializing in serving the legal sector, has transformed its content strategy and empowered law firms to stand out and grow with the help of StoryChief.

When we implement StoryChief with our clients, we consistently witness a remarkable surge in social media engagement, often by several hundred percentage points.” - Bart Huijs, Content Marketer at Blue River Marketing

Next to that, they gained a stronger grasp on their operations, allowing them to:

  • Empower lawyers with distinctive content
  • Coach lawyers to write clear and engaging texts
  • Enhance operations for a seamless client experience

50+ social channels managed simultaneously

Using StoryChief, we can organize all of our clients, track their social media statistics, and serve them more efficiently.” - Maarten Van Erdeghem, Managing Partner at Beyond Marketing

Managing and planning social media content across a multitude of channels can be a demanding and time-consuming task. Beyond Marketing faced this challenge head-on. With up to 50 social media channels to maintain daily for their clients, it was clear that a solution was needed.

For Maarten, one standout feature of StoryChief is 'Campaigns.' This tool allows Beyond Marketing to efficiently organize their clients, making it simple to access social media statistics and insights for each client.

3x increase in lead generation

“Since we've started pushing content and using StoryChief, we've seen a real big uptake in lead generation. It's been really surprising actually. I kind of thought there'd be an uptake, but I was impressed at how big a difference it was.” - Tim Overton, CTO at Modo Energy

Not only that, but Modo Energy's presence on LinkedIn has grown substantially since they started using StoryChief. The seamless integration with LinkedIn and other social platforms has contributed to their content's increased reach and visibility.

15,000+ employees amplifying the company message

StoryChief helps BESIX create content more quickly and efficiently. Instead of spending hours on content publishing, it now only takes minutes. Automation takes care of scheduling the content, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring timely publication.

With the Ambassador feature, BESIX involves over 15,000 employees in sharing updates, expanding their reach and keeping everyone informed.

With the Ambassador feature, we share company news and updates with our 15,000+ employees who can reshare it on their own networks. This way, we keep their employees up-to-date while generating more traffic to their content.” - Thibaut Samzun, Digital & Sponsoring Expert at BESIX

>200k new organic visitors

With a keen eye on growth and audience engagement, Doorloop utilized StoryChief not only as a content management tool but also as a mechanism to optimize their SEO and readability, ensuring their content wasn’t just frequent but also high-quality and engaging.

This is the evolution of their organic traffic.

Organic traffic https://doorloop.com
We've seen some incredible growth over the last year alone, and that's due in no small part to our SEO and our content. StoryChief has been a pivotal tool in this journey. - Maria Barbera, Vice President Marketing at Doorloop

367% increase in organic traffic

WingAssistant's narrative revolves around achieving maximum productivity with limited resources and effectively attracting and engaging audiences.

StoryChief empowers their content manager to accomplish tasks that would typically require the involvement of two or three individuals, all through a single streamlined platform. Additionally, external writers can be easily invited to the platform, making the publishing process just a click away.

The more time our content manager saves on actually creating the content and publishing the content, the more she can focus on putting in quality work and really getting more content out there that's relevant for our audience. - Roland Polzin, Co-Founder and CMO, Wing Assistant

They were able to achieve more relevant content, as evidenced by the significant increase in their organic traffic:

Organic traffic https://wingassistant.com

15+ brands managed simultaneously

Managing multiple brands and customers was a complex task for Cureight Content Solutions. Storychief provided a structured and efficient platform where each client could have their own dedicated space. This significantly aided in meeting deadlines and maintaining transparent communication with clients throughout the process.

Each client having their own space in Storychief keeps everything structured and efficient, ensuring we meet our deadlines and maintain clear, consistent communication with our clients.”- Rachel McCaskill Production Manager & Editor

3x faster reporting time

StoryChief revolutionized Naka LLC’s content creation, distribution, and collaboration processes, making them more efficient and data-driven. Their CEO highly recommends StoryChief for agencies and companies seeking to maximize productivity and client statistics.

Having these statistics at our fingertips allows us to provide concrete answers on the number of viewers and click-through rates, demonstrating the impact of our content. No other tool provides these reports without having to build anything from scratch.” - Gianni D’Alerta, Founder and CEO at Naka

1 year of content planned ahead

iProv faced a familiar struggle: content management inefficiency. Collaboration was a bottleneck as their remote team juggled multiple versions in Google Docs, had to perform external SEO checks, and struggled with publishing through their CMS.

Today, iProv's content marketing journey is smoother than ever. They plan a year's content in collaboration with their agency clients, build robust content calendars, and execute their strategy with precision.

We are spending less time creating, and more time thinking strategically for our clients. We're able to make better suggestions to our clients about where they need to be focusing next. We do this at a reduced cost, boosting profit and client satisfaction.” - Patrick Laughlin, CEO at iProv

15 min client approval time

It is more cost-effective to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to overlook the importance of customer satisfaction in their marketing and overall business strategy.

In the Lead, a progressive content marketing agency, recognizes the significance of customer satisfaction. They enhance customer satisfaction by engaging their clients in the content approval process through StoryChief.

“The most significant benefit of using StoryChief cannot be measured in numbers; it's more of an emotional experience. It’s the appreciation you get from customers because you involve them in a direct way. It makes things very tangible for them.” - Pieterjan Viaene, Partner at In The Lead

2x faster ROI visualization

B2B marketers often struggle with demonstrating marketing ROI to leadership. However, SoapBox's marketing team successfully reduced the time it takes to visualize growth metrics by 50% by leveraging StoryChief.

StoryChief makes it easy to visualize growth, metrics, and marketing results of your efforts. It’s easy to show the value and ROI of your work to management.”- Joe Spisak, CMO at Soapbox

20+ editors unified in one collaborative platform

Coordinating with a team of more than 20 people can be challenging, especially when using various tools. However, StoryChief provides a centralized platform that simplifies collaboration, content creation, and publishing. With the editor-in-chief's approval, scheduling posts becomes effortless, saving valuable time and energy.

As an agency, I would recommend StoryChief to centralize your content, to produce and publish it. And it's a tool that is very pleasant to work with.” - Thomas Klein, Head of Digital at Bridgeneers

20 hours saved on campaigns weekly

StoryChief has been invaluable in WinWinner's crowdfunding transformation, saving them valuable hours with each campaign and driving an exponential increase in investments.

“With StoryChief, we save 20 hours on campaign management every week, and we see an exponential increase in the number of investments secured.” - Kasper Vancoppenolle, Partner and CMO at WinWinner

Ready to achieve the best marketing results?

These are just a few of the marketing results you can achieve:

  • Improve engagement, increase website traffic, and generate more leads
  • Increase your client base without increasing your workload
  • Simplify the process of demonstrating ROI to management
  • Streamline your marketing processes with automation
  • Enhance customer satisfaction levels
  • Replace multiple tools with just a few
  • Maximize profits and revenue growth
  • Save valuable time

FYI: StoryChief eliminates the need for various tools such as social media tools, automation tools, AI tools, SEO tools, and analytics tools. Create a free account and start publishing today. 🙌

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