"Creating brand awareness shouldn't be a time-consuming task"

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The story of ORYS Advocaten, a law office that knows all about content marketing

Since its foundation in 2012, ORYS Advocaten is an established value for matters in real estate and legal support for companies. The office is known for impeccable counseling in private issues as well as entrepreneur cases. Their core business is helping clients with building permits, liability or real estate disputes and contracts or business concerned differences. Koen De Puydt, legal partner at the firm, tells us why advisors, practitioners in liberal professions and other experts should invest in well-thought-out content marketing.

Orys Lawyers
"I have two degrees. One's legal, of course, but the other is marketing oriented. After my studies in communications, I've learned how important it is to create brand awareness as well as alluring customers."

An entrepreneur can't stay away from social media. For ORYS Advocaten that's also the case.

Counselor De Puydt knows about marketing strategies. Like no other he realizes that sharing information, where customers or leads are more likely to be present, is a crucial undertaking. Under the guarding eye of Koen, legal staff members write about accuring topics. Those articles are ment to thoroughly inform their readers. Some of Koen's colleagues have more than 15 years of experience in the field. So when they talk, people listen to what knowledge they want to share.

Making sure we're present on social media channels is important to know what goes on in the field. That's not different for a legal office.

When time is limited...

The legal partners at ORYS Advocaten are satisfied with the impact their tips are creating. Readers find the ORYS blog to be an interesting source of information and that is the essence of our content marketing strategy, says Koen. However the initiative began to take up an unreasonable amount of time, time that should rather be spend on the core business. Koen couldn't help but wonder if the process of content marketing couldn't be simplified.

During the seminar of Work Smarter, organized by Teamleader*, I got acquainted with Story Chief. Immediately I saw the added value in using the tool. The next day I signed up for a free trial. Since then we've been using Story Chief for our multichannel approach.

*those who use Teamleader can find a connection in the market place to link Story Chief to their CRM.

To create brand awareness is necessary as a marketing goal

ORYS Advocaten has been active for over 5 years. Every year they experience growth in lead generation and the number of employees at the firm. In 2012 they started with only 7 experts, today 23 legal staff members are working at ORYS Advocaten. We, at Story Chief, find that very impressive, but according to Koen, the office still has to actively stimulate brand awareness.

Koen De Puydt - ORYS Advocaten
We can't say business is going bad, on the contrary. But still we must keep working on presenting our company as a set value in the legal industry. Lead generation and brand awareness are marketing strategies that go hand in hand.

We definitely agree. Story Chief was developed to support 6 pillars in every company, irrespective of its industry or size.

  • Making multichannel easy
  • Collaborate better
  • Boost lead generation
  • Gain more reads and readers who actually read the article
  • Stimulate brand awareness
  • Save time

Koen uses all the features Story Chief has to offer. We find that very inspiring. Knowing users are moving forward because of the tool makes us, as a modest player in the field, very happy. Story Chief was launched in February this year and still we are expending features because our customers' stories trigger us to keep growing.

Take-away from Koen

To be engaged on Social media demands a certain set of skills. Story Chief makes it approachable and easy to be present throughout well-thought-out content marketing. The simplicity of it all makes it so no one has the excuse of skipping the step of brand awareness in their marketing strategy.

Have you tried out Story Chief yet? Be sure to take a look on how the tool can save you time.