Content marketing for Webflow just got a lot easier

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Webflow and StoryChief integration
Get more traffic to your Webflow website

🌟Let's start 2019 with some fireworks and new integrations! StoryChief, your favorite content marketing solution now helps you manage your Webflow blog, newsletters, social media posts, content hubs, and more - all in one place. 👏

What is Webflow and why should you try it?

Webflow is the relatively new-CMS-on-the-block, a web-based drag and drop tool for building responsive websites. So what makes this website builder different from the many others currently on the market, like Squarespace or Wix?

Firstly, it offers an abundance of templates that you can fully customize. Using Webflow’s designer, you get the full power of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Although you generate your code using the visual designer instead of writing code line by line. Move pre-built blocks around, add features, and create your own custom layouts. Maybe you'll need some time to dive into the builder, but trust us, the reward will be a unique, powerful, and responsive website fully customized to your needs.

On top of the many resources and written documentation, Webflow also provides in-depth video tutorials. What's not to love, right? 🤔 However, our sloths noticed how the content marketing and blogging features are a bit limited. That's why StoryChief created a native integration to support Webflow users and give them more options when it comes to content marketing - because everyone deserves both a great CMS and an easy to use content marketing tool.

Dance into 2019 with StoryChief and Webflow integration

What does StoryChief and Webflow integration bring

Here at StoryChief we have plenty of amazing features, but let's break down what features you, as a user of Webflow, will love:

  • Fully manage your Webflow blogs
  • Structure and publish your blog posts multichannel more easily
  • Collaborate with clients without giving them access to your Webflow website
  • Schedule your posts and check your ROI
  • Enable or disable content or pages for different user types, (which is a feature over that 2,700 Webflow users have wished for 😯)
  • Webflow AMP support - given today’s mobile first digital landscape, this was a much needed feature
  • Click and connect via OAuth connection
  • Increase your ranking in Google with our integrated SEO tool

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P.S. We would love to hear your feedback so send us your thoughts, both good and bad.