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B2B Copywriting Guide To Effective Copy in 2024 (6 Tips)

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Writing effective B2B copy is crucial for generating leads and sales. But it requires a strategic approach based on understanding your audience.

This guide breaks down 6 key tips for boosting your B2B copywriting in 2024, including:

  1. Focusing on your target audience
  2. Setting a professional yet friendly tone
  3. Creating brilliant, benefit-driven headlines
  4. Using quantifiable facts and stats
  5. Adding a clear call-to-action
  6. Spicing things up with urgency

Follow these pro tips from our copywriting expert Linda Ferguson to improve your B2B copy and boost conversions today.

Focus on your audience

When you think about the difference between B2B and B2C marketing, the target audience could be the main one. And, identifying and understanding your target audience is the key preparation step in the process of writing an effective copy.

With this in mind, it's clear that you need to focus on your audience. Remember, most of them are:

  • knowledgeable
  • informed about your and their industry or niche
  • experienced

These are not some ordinary people that you can impress by using pompous terminology and giving out promises. They're much more professional and seasoned.

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In addition, you should learn more about each specific business that you'll be trying to reach out to. That includes:

  • what kind of a business is this
  • what are their products or services
  • who are their clients and customers
  • who are their biggest competitors
  • what are their mission and goal

The more you know, the better result you'll make. Learn about your target audience and use that information to boost your copy.

Set a professional but friendly tone

A B2B copy needs to have a unified tone top to bottom. You have to show consistency in order to impress the other party.

This is why you need to set this tone before you start writing. And, here's what the winning formula for a B2B copy is:

  • set a professional tone (no jargon, no slang, no jokes)
  • be creative
  • make it friendly (avoid being overly formal)
  • provide important information with ease
  • simplify your language

You don't have to sound pompous or use overly technical vocabulary to be taken seriously. You just need to set a certain standard and stick to it in writing your copy.

Create brilliant headlines

Headlines are the ice-breakers and attention-grabbers that you need. It's the first thing that a potential client will see, which is why it needs to be top-notch.

And, to create brilliant headlines that get the clients going you should know about these golden rules:

  • include numbers
  • ask a question
  • address a specific problem
  • promise to give a solution
  • address the target group you're aiming at
  • use structure such as how-to/guide/tutorial
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Here's an example of a great headline vs. a weak one:

- COVID 19 & Small Businesses: 11 Revolutionary Sales Strategies to Help You Survive


The Impact of COVID 19 on Small Businesses

Alison Lee, a copywriter and editor at Subjecto explained it like this: "Headlines can either make you or break you. If you create a boring, ambiguous, or unclear headline, your conversion rate will drop. So, make them promising and factual."

Include quantifiable facts

When you're writing a B2B copy, make sure to remember your audience isn't looking for entertainment and relaxing reading. They're looking for valuable, factual content.

This is why you have to include quantifiable facts into your copy and give it heaviness and credibility. Here's what that implies:

  • statistics
  • case studies results
  • data selected from credible sources
  • experts' opinions
  • citations

Let's compare:

- Social media is a strong business marketing tool.


There are more than 3 billion social media users worldwide. This is why 73% of marketers consider it to be an irreplaceable asset in their marketing strategy.

Provide a link to your sources or add references at the bottom of the page. This way, your target audience will be able to see that you did your research and you base your business strategy on credible facts.

Include a CTA

A call-to-action should always be a part of your business' B2B copy. It's the final touch you need to make in order to invite your target audience to perform the desired action.

But, make sure your CTA is:

  • short
  • clear
  • inviting
  • simple
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Also, make sure it summarizes the goal of the copy you've written and gives your audience the final push in the right direction.

It should be as simple as:

- Get the Demo Version

- Sign Up Today

- Shop a Solution Now

Provide a CTA and turn it into a clickable button that leads straight to the landing page where they can complete the action. This way, you're making it extremely simple for your target audience to follow through and boosting your conversion rate.

Spice things up with some urgency

Marketing relies heavily on psychology and there are tricks that work like a charm in B2B copywriting. Creating a sense of urgency is a great psychology hack that marketers love using.

This is why you should include it in your copy. Create a sense of urgency to make your offer more desirable and unique. If you want to write B2B copy with urgency, try messages like these:

- This offer expires today!

- Only 6 spots left!

- Today only: 2 for the price of 1!

Make it more exciting and desirable for your potential clients.

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Final thoughts

Writing a B2B copy is a strategic task that requires a solid preparation and continuous testing. Make sure you create a strategy that is suitable for the businesses you're targeting and continue to learn about their needs and preferences.

Hopefully, the tips provided above will help you nail your B2B copies and ensure their conversion rate is significantly boosted.

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Linda Ferguson started her career in a local company as a content writer 5 years ago. Now, she is the CEO of Subjecto thanks to her determination and complete dedication to work. Linda has always been passionate about academia and writing. Besides her busy work schedule, she manages to find time for attending conferences that keep her up to date with the latest news in the industry.