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Our editor is easy to use and contains just the right amount of formatting options so you don’t have to spend hours of fiddling with settings.

No external apps needed

We've build a top notch editor inside Story Chief. No need for an external editor like Microsoft Word.

SEO booster

Title, description, canonical URLs are automatically included and were set up correctly.

Correct Lay Out

Your content will look great on every device and platform you publish to.

Add Rich Media

Uplift your content with rich media like photos, videos and social media posts.

Multi-lingual support

Want to reach an international audience? We've got you covered with build in Multi-lingual support.

Capture Lead forms

Lead forms are the best way to run lead generation inside your articles. Readers can fill in their details allowing you to follow up with them.


Seamlessly embed these popular tools in your content.

Capture leads to your Email

Capture leads to your Teamleader pipeline

Capture leads to your Hubspot pipeline

Capture leads to your Salesforce pipeline

Capture leads to your Mailchimp list

Embed Facebook posts

Embed Twitter posts

Embed Instagram posts

Embed Slideshare presentations

Embed interactive Google Maps

Embed Youtube video's

Embed Vimeo video's

Embed Wistia video's

Embed Soundcloud audio

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