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SEO copywriting made simple

Increase your Google ranking by 300% with guided assistance
We think it is very important to score well on Google, and StoryChief helps with that. When creating content with our team, the platform indicates whether the text and structure are optimized for search engines in order to rank higher on Google.
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SEO copywriting made simple
Creating content has become way too technical nowadays. That's why we decided to help you create content that actually finds its way to the top of search engines, we've created our SEO Copywriting Assistant. This helps you to tell your story in a way that people and search engines understand.
Attract more visitors by ranking higher in search engines. Monitor your SEO score and how well your story performs for a set keyword, based on 15+ metrics for search engine optimization.
Attract more website visitors
Your stories should be engaging your readers, not putting them to sleep. Track how well your readers will follow your train of thought with our readability score, based on the Flesch Reading Ease test.
Engage your readers
The ultimate goal is to see your story shared across all social media platforms. Add all the information needed for your readers to share your story on social media. This way you'll always see which article made someone visit your website.
Optimize stories for sharing to grow your audience
Don't waste time on optimizing your story's settings for SEO. StoryChief fills out these fields based on what you've written in your story. The only thing you have to do it to double check and approve it.
Automate your SEO settings and save time
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Write content that your audience likes
Analyze your best performing content and learn which stories resonate the most with your audience.
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Create brand awareness on all major platforms
Your stories deserve to be read, so why not share them to all major platforms? All you need is a few clicks and the world can read your stories.
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Collaborate easily with your team members
Get your team up to speed why you're writing this story in particular. Add an editorial brief with the findings from your SEO research and get started right away.
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Work together with your team
Keep all your content in one place
Build better relationships with your audience
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