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August Updates: Custom Fields on Stories, Content Ops Checklist & New Team Members!

StoryChief Updates 2 min read

New month, new updates. We have a bunch of exciting new features coming to you soon, but let's first take a look at our August recap 🥳

Here’s what’s on the agenda for today:

  1. Updates, people. Updates!
  2. Brand New Content
  3. Coming Soon
  4. New to the team
  5. More News

1. Updates, people. Updates! 🔥

Viewing custom fields in your stories list 🖋
If you are using custom fields to send over additional data to your website, then having them display inside your stories page is a no-brainer! Luckily, you can enable custom fields with just a few clicks.

Use Blogger as a primary channel 🥇 
You can now connect Blogger as your primary channel which means you can publish directly to your Blogger website without having to publish it elsewhere first.

New embeds 🧲

You can now post these new embeds in your stories. Have fun!

2. Coming Soon 👀

LinkedIn native videos 📹
Of course, you can already upload videos to every social channel through StoryChief! As of right now, we have to use a fallback page because LinkedIn didn't allow native videos but all of that is about to change. Soon enough you'll be able to upload and attach videos directly to your social posts!

Keyword performance for stories 🧑‍💻
Get more out of your stories' analytics. You can already see the number of times your story has been viewed or read, and even what the average read time is. Starting next month, we're giving you some more analytics to work with:

  • Top keywords
  • Underperforming keywords
  • Opportunities

Suggestion mode 💡
You can already add comments to parts of an article, but soon you'll be able to make suggestions! That means that you can suggest changes to a story without changing the original text. When the owner approves your suggestions, they replace the original text, so no rewriting has to be done.

3. Brand New Content 📝

Here are 3 new interesting reads for you:

And if you simply can't get enough of your monthly dose of content about... well... content, here's some more! We created an ebook to guide you through the whole process of finding the right content ops. It even comes with a handy checklist to cross off all your content needs! ✅

4. New to the team ❤️

Drum roll, please... 🥁 Ta-da! We have two new dedicated sloths that have joined our team. 

Carmen is in charge of customer success, she is all about making you the happiest you can be! She will help you find your way through the StoryChief platform 🕵️‍♀️

Tanguy is here to make StoryChief rise to the top as growth marketer! He will help us improve our marketing so we can help you improve yours 💪

5. More news 📰


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Exciting times ahead!

With ❤️ from StoryChief.

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