StoryChief raises a €3.4 million round led by Capricorn Partners to scale their digital platform for content marketing and AI

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Ghent-based startup StoryChief raises EUR 3.4M investment round, led by Capricorn Partners via their Capricorn Digital Growth Fund. StoryChief aims to scale its platform further for content agencies and marketers with the new funds. Since launching in 2017, StoryChief has kept growing its customer base and tackling more complex challenges in the content marketing space.

StoryChief founders Valeri Potchekailov, Gregory Claeyssens, and Brik De Maeyer

To scale their business, StoryChief raises €3.4 million in funding. The new investor Capricorn Partners leads the funding round, followed by existing investors Peak, Anthony De Clerck, Pieter Casneuf, Johan Van Damme, and Willem Delbare. It is noteworthy that three founders, Valeri Potchekailov, Brik De Maeyer, and Gregory Claeyssens, also participate in this equity round. On top of the capital injection, StoryChief raises a grant from Vlaio to make StoryChief smarter with an AI layer on top of their existing product.

We are super happy to see that something that was just an idea a few years ago is now scaling globally through the financial backing and coaching by several great minds in industry. - Valeri Potchekailov, Co-founder and CEO StoryChief

Which doors will the fundraising open?

StoryChief is on a mission to drive growth through content for their customers and tackle more complex content marketing challenges within the enterprise space. With thousands of people using the product in 65 countries, StoryChief has proven to be scalable. The new capital injection will accelerate their international growth and enable innovation in their platform's machine learning and AI capabilities.

We see more and more demand coming from larger international marketing teams. Often they work in silos where it is harder for them to stay aligned on external communication. StoryChief breaks that barrier and helps, for example, a marketing lead from Italy easily pick up corporate news from the UK and adjust the message to their local market. - Valeri Potchekailov

Along with streamlining the processes of collaboration and content publishing, StoryChief is improving its data engine, which helps marketing agencies and enterprises make better decisions when it comes to digital communication.

StoryChief is first mover in the next generation of smart marketing platforms which will not only replace point solutions, but also cover the entire content life cycle in a smart way. - Steven Lambert, investment director Capricorn Partners
We're excited to continue backing StoryChief by co-investing with Capricorn Partners so StoryChief can continue to strengthen its content suite and become a category leader. - David Zwagemaker, partner Peak

What is StoryChief?

StoryChief is a user-friendly platform that helps agencies and marketing teams manage their content life cycle in one place from planning, briefing, multi-channel optimization, approval, publishing, and analytics. StoryChief increases its customer's digital footprint, brings in new leads, and increases sales.

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