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31 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools in 2024

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Content marketing management is complex. There are new strategies, tactics, and tools being introduced every year. With 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers using content marketing, it's no wonder that best practices are constantly being updated.

That's why we've put together a list of the best platforms for managing content marketing.

From creation through collaboration and promotion, our top content marketing tools have you covered.

#1: StoryChief

StoryChief screenshot

StoryChief is a content marketing platform for content collaboration, publishing, and distribution. Think of it as the command center for your content. Inside StoryChief, you can build your content calendar, write SEO ready stories, publish them to your website, and promote them on social or newsletters all in one place. It removes the need to manually enter content on your website, medium.com, social media, newsletters, messengers, etc... Once an article from a writer is approved, it can get published everywhere right away.

StoryChief also has a brand new social media management feature that allows you to post images, links, and videos to all of your favorite social media channels!

StoryChief has a free plan to test the functionality. Explore how it works

#2: HubSpot

Content Marketing Management Software: HubSpot

Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform that helps you manage your content, your leads from content marketing, and your automation workflows to provide a personalized journey for each customer and lead. It's a powerful tool that, when combined with StoryChief, can help you shave hours off of your content workflows and get measurably better results.

#3: Outbrain

Content Marketing Management Software: Outbrain

Outbrain is a really great tool for content promotion. It positions your content across thousands of websites. You know those "clickbaity" titles you see at the bottom of a Huffington post article? Well, not all of them are so bizarre. Plenty of these suggestions send the reader to really great content, and you can use Outbrain to get your content featured in front of your target audience. With Outbrain, content promoters tend to get more targeted results than with competitor Taboola, but you can try both options and see for yourself which you prefer.

#4: QuuuPromote

Content Marketing Management Software: QuuuPromote

QuuuPromote is the business side of Quuu, a platform where people can discover social media content within a certain topic and decide if they want to share it. If they do, they can share it right away or schedule it to be shared later by integrating a social media scheduling tool. With QuuuPromote, businesses can pay $25 to have a piece of content shared with the right people in the platform to get organic shares.

#5: Curata

Content Marketing Management Software: Curata

Curata is a platform for content curation, which is a really important activity for any content marketing manager. When you use content curation to build up your social media accounts, you're able to save far more time than if you had created that content yourself. And when you do promote your own content, you have an engaged audience. With Curata, you can discover and share the right external content.

#6: SnapApp

Content Marketing Management Software: SnapApp

SnapApp is a lead qualification platform that can help marketers understand intent, qualify leads and enrich data before handing off MQLs to the sales team. Perfect for B2B content teams, with you SnapApp you can run more engaging webinars, learn the intent of your audience and analyze your content leads.

#7: Snappa

Content Marketing Management Software: Snappa

Similar to Canva, Snappa is a tool for creating blog graphics, social media graphics and infographics. The difference is that Snappa has better templates for marketers. This tool makes it easier to create graphics that look professional, whereas with Canva it's easy to create things that look...pretty childish.

#8: Portent's Content Idea Generator

Content Marketing Management Software: Portent's Content

We can all get stuck in a rut from time to time. This tool is a fun, playful way to generate new content headlines that will jolt you awake. Sure, some of the headline ideas are silly, but if you've been writing a lot of serious, in-depth content lately, they might help to re-engage your audience and your imagination.

#9: Advanced Marketing Institute's Emotional Headline Analyzer

Content Marketing Management Software: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Emotions have an enormous impact on headline clickthroughs and shares. This free tool gives you an emotional value score for every headline you submit, and it breaks down that score into three categories: spiritual, intellectual, and empathetic.

#10: Uberflip

Content Marketing Management Software: Uberflip

Uberflip is a digital content experience platform. What does that mean? Glad you asked. Essentially, Uberflip is an all-in-one platform for personalizing content experiences. With tons of integrations, Uberflip brings all your content from your website, social media and other sources into one place and then lets you create journeys to share that content with segmented leads over time.

#11: Rev

Content Marketing Management Software: Rev

Rev is a platform for purchasing manual transcriptions of any audio or video file. Yes, there are cheaper (or free) AI alternatives out there for audio transcriptions, but they tend to yield inaccurate results, particularly with accents. For content teams that have a podcast and include episode transcriptions on their blog, accuracy is of utmost importance. Rev costs just $1 per minute. The transcriptions are also really helpful when interviewing for blog posts or case studies.

#12: Klipfolio

Content Marketing Management Software: Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a platform that lets you build out dashboards for just about anything you can think of. For content marketing management, this tool helps you track content impressions, shares, read time, leads, etc. by integrating with all of your other tools plus Google Analytics. Getting your metrics and results in one place is a must.

#13: OneSpot

Content Marketing Management Software: OneSpot

Like SnapApp, OneSpot is a platform for personalizing customer experiences with your content. The tool is a bit more advanced however and is relied on by corporations with physical stores. While SnapApp is best for digital teams, OneSpot is a clear winner for marketers looking to turn digital traffic into foot traffic.

#14: Ahrefs

Content Marketing Management Software: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that is a fan-favorite among SEM expertseyword. It's known for having the best data when it comes to keyword research and link building opportunities. You can use it to find new keyphrases that you want to rank for, and also to find sites that you want to target for backlinking outreach.

#15: Alexa

Content Marketing Management Software: Alexa

Alexa is another SEO tool that every content marketing manager needs in their tech stack. Like Ahrefs, you can use it for keyword research. But it's competitor matrix, keyword ranking tracker and audience targeting tools are more robust and easier to use.

#16: Help a Reporter Out

Content Marketing Management Software: Help A Reporter Out

Help a Report Out (also known as HARO) is a platform that lets you pitch your answers to journalists' questions for a chance to be featured in their articles on major publications. On their pro plans, you can track keyphrases relevant to your business so you don't have to spend time crawling through dozens of journalist questions.

#17: Smarp

Content Marketing Management Software: Smarp

Smarp is a tool for employee advocacy. To do content marketing management right, you've got to get employees on board with sharing company content on social media. This platform helps employees find content relevant to their role or region. When they find something they like quickly and easily, they're more likely to share.

#18: ConvertKit

Content Marketing Management Software: ConvertKit

When it comes to email marketing tools, ConvertKit is a fan favorite among content marketers. You can create audience segments, email sequences and content opt-in landing pages in a flash. Best of all, the UX is super simple and user friendly.

#19: Sumo

Content Marketing Management Software: Sumo

Sumo is a great, affordable tool for email opt-in forms and pop ups. Though they do have tons of smart features for ecommerce sellers (such as pop ups intended to decrease cart abandoment and increase order value), Sumo can be customized for any use case.

#20: Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer site that pretty much beat out Yahoo! Answers the moment it went live. Users display their real name (like on LinkedIn), and so the quality of answers is far better than other alternatives. For content teams, the platform can be used to answer questions relevant to your business and/or your content. Drop a link to your blog posts so that question-askers can get the full scoop (and you get more traffic).

#21: PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a social media management software with different services built in. With the tool, you can schedule your social media posts in advance across multiple social channels, and you can respond to your audience in one place. If you struggle to keep your social posts on brand, you can have them design templates for you. You can also have them create your posts, share your LinkedIn carousels and schedule them for you if your team is too swamped.

#22: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a really powerful tool for content marketing management that can help you identify influencers to share your content, run outreach, monitor your brand, and analyze your competitors.

#23: Answer the Public

Struggling to come up with SEO-friendly content topics that meet the needs of your target user? Input any topic, and Answer the Public will generate dozens of questions that people ask about it. Turn each idea into a new piece of content, and you've got a killer SEO-centric content strategy at your fingertips.

#24: Survey Anyplace

We all know that content marketing is better with statistics. Survey Anyplace lets you survey your customers in a fun-to-use, interactive format so you can get statistics and insights for your next "state of the industry" report. Not into making surveys? You can also create quizzes and use them to generate leads. Follow up via email using Survey Anyplace's email features or integrate with your favorite email tool using Zapier.

#25: Brandfolder

With content marketing management, finding and maintaining your assets isn't just about saving time. It's also about maximizing the reach of your assets and improving the ROI of every piece of content. Brandfolder helps you share, discover and reuse your best marketing assets.

#26: Wavve

Do you create podcasts as part of your content marketing strategy? Then Wavve is a must-have tool for you. With this app, you can create social media ready posts that convert snippets of your podcast into a video file with an image in the background and eye-catching sound waves.

#27: Biteable

While Biteable, you can create videos for any use case. Short and fun videos for social media. Longer pieces of content for tutorials or YouTube. You name it. Biteable lets you create videos from your web browser and has tons of templates to help you get started.

#28: BombBomb

Loved by sales teams, BombBomb might not come to mind when you think of content marketing management. But for content teams, humanized and personalized content is essential to success, and BombBomb helps you put, short engaging videos in your emails. Instead of just giving someone the downloadable guide they requested, you can send a video in your email thanking them for downloading and helping them make use of the content. Because the email includes a link to the video (and a thumbnail of it), you don't have to worry about getting flagged for big attachments.

#29: Piktochart

Piktochart is a design tool that lets you create really high-quality presentations, infographics, and even reports (great for downloadable guides). With tons of templates and easy GIF and video embedding, you can generate engaging content even with little design skills. Because of the nature of the templates, this tool is perfect for B2B content teams.

#30: Reply.io

Outreach is (unfortunately) something that many content marketing managers are still ignoring. With Reply.io you can manage campaigns for SEO backlinking outreach, co-marketing and guest post swapping outreach and influencer marketing outreach.

#31: Mouseflow

Mouseflow is a website analytics tool that shows you how visitors interact with your site. Typically used for conversion rate optimization, this tool can help content teams go beyond "average time on page" to see how visitors are engaging with content. What percentage of content readers scroll to the bottom? How do visitors interact with your resource library page? There are tons of use cases for smart content marketers.

Content marketing management tools that make an impact

Without the right tools, your content might never reach your ideal reader or customer. These tools can help you create better content, manage it seamlessly, promote it and improve results over time.

StoryChief is an easy-to-use platform for collaborating with content writers and promoting your content instantly across a multitude of channels. Learn more or sign up.

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