StoryChief Update: 15 AI commands, Customize video thumbnails, and more!

StoryChief Updates 1 min read

Our team is excited to announce several new features you're going to love! 🧡 Take a look at what's new and what's coming up.

🤖 AI: Press releases, job descriptions and editorial briefs

No matter your industry, these releases will be a true game changer to simplify your work. Work in HR? Write job descriptions in no time. Work with copywriters and external freelancers? Write up a clear and concise editorial brief. Have a hard time writing engaging press releases? Those days are finally over! These 3 new commands are available in your account now, along with the 12 existing ones.

🎥 Custom video thumbnails for thumb-stopping content

You already had the option of scheduling Reels, TikToks, and videos with StoryChief, but now there's something new to customize that video content with. You can now customize and pick the perfect thumbnail for your video. Because first impressions matter, and this way you can finally decide what your feed looks like. 👀  Learn how to set a custom cover image for your social media video.

🚀 Coming soon: AI-driven keyword and SEO suggestions

We're excited to share a (big) little secret with you. StoryChief already offers guidance on SEO, but how cool would it be if you get keyword suggestions, content inspiration, and suggestions to outrank your competitor, as you write? Well, we can tell you this possibility is closer than you think... 🤩

🤝 Monitor how ambassadors interact with your social posts

Sharing your content through email with ambassadors increases the reach of your social posts and published stories. However, ambassador stats for social posts were not available up till now. With this update, you have access to this information, so you know which of your colleagues, clients and press contacts are engaging with your content. 🤝 More info.

Exciting times ahead!

With ❤️ from StoryChief.

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