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How to Start a Career in Content Marketing

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A content maker is a specialist, who is engaged in filling the sites and social networks of the company with relevant and interesting information. Almost everything you can read on the Internet is a collaborative effort between content makers, copywriters, and marketers. How do you enroll in content marketing? What skills does this position ask for? Let’s look closely at it.

The contents of this blog post:

1. Keep on reading content marketing related articles
2. Start writing
3. Find content marketing inspiration
4. Start looking for jobs
5. Upgrade your skills

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1. Keep on reading content marketing related articles

A content maker is similar to a writer. One should write engagingly and correctly, so a reader would not stumble at every word. The best way to boost your writing skills is to read enthusiastically. Just spend some time submerged into the sea of articles, literary works and books, especially those related to your sphere of interests. Do not forget to read for pleasure, but literary works should be read attentively, with a pencil in one’s hand, to put down crucial and interesting information. You need to form a habit of searching for relevant news on reliable resources to keep up with the pace of digital marketing development.

The first to write an article is to read some material, collect impressing quotes and facts, and make use of them in one’s article. People do not like much talking, they like facts. It is you, who chooses, which information to provide. So, your main goal is to learn how to collect facts and manipulate them to form a certain impression of the text.

Moreover, there are tremendous benefits of reading. This way, you will find authors, whose style you would like to follow and you will immerse headfirst into content marketing and point out some tricks and tips, that will improve your writing skills. Do not stop there - watch YouTube videos, get inspired and browse for more information. Believe me, collecting information is the most important part of writing an article. Write briefly, but convincingly by using particulars and data. Remember that, the best journalist or content maker is the one who possesses knowledge and facts.

2. Start writing

You should write a lot. Keep a diary or a blog about the topic you specialize in (maybe a sphere of your education or one of your hobbies). It can be posts on social media, like Facebook, or writers’ communities like Wattpad. The key idea is to post on regular basis. After that, once you find your niche, concentrate on it and write about it as regularly as you can. Produce blog posts, articles, creative pieces, tweets, eBooks, email sequences, web video scripts and everything else. Be very critical of your texts, come back to them again and again in seek of perfection.

All these things will help you to find your style, build skills in dealing with social media, images, headlines and other different tricks to spice up your posts. When you collect around 5 texts, each about 1000 words and written on your own, you will be able to form a portfolio and choose the best article to add to your CV. You can look up a structure on the Internet and start searching for content marketing jobs at once. And your article will be a prominent contribution to your CV.

3. Find content marketing inspiration

And again, you need to read. While studying articles on digital marketing and economics as a whole, look narrowly at different branches of marketing and economics, find companies and marketing positions, that are your cup of tea. The following tips to find your niche will come in handy:

a) Answer to yourself: do the company’s values and services deeply fascinate you? Do you truly want to explore this sphere and write about it?

b) Is the branch developing, relevant? Maybe you see other ways it can improve?

c) Is the company or nearby company recruiting content makers? Does it have content marketing systems in place?

After you clarify this, the next step will be to enhance your knowledge about the companies’ products, browse its social media, blogs, services and content. Try to analyze the style of content. Identify patterns and tips the company uses to attract audiences and clients.

4. Start looking for jobs

Apply for freelance jobs and seek vacancies on Indeed, Jooble, or on the website of your dream company. Try to reach as far as you can. Get ready for endless interviews, refusals and do never think that you lose your time on all of that. Each interview, you polish your communicative skills and ability to present yourself. It is a truly rewarding experience.

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The advantage of content marketing is that you can work remotely, so you do not have to move to another city in search of work. Though you should still be proactive, maybe start conversations in online content marketing groups, which are often found here at MeetUp. However, do not become arrogant or pushy. Just show that you are helpful and reliable, that people can ask you for help and you will not turn them down. The idea is to be open to people, attend events, conferences. Here is a tip: via LinkedIn and Facebook you can find friends, who work in your dream company and may talk to HR to look at your CV.

5. Upgrade your skills

If you want to advance in content marketing or you want to work at your personal qualities to become a competitive employee, study on your own or apply for online courses on the following skills:

a) SEO optimization. This is a helpful instrument to boost site index and move it up among research results, so more users will see it. If you know these basics, you know how to promote your company’s website and, thus, make it more popular and demanded.


b) Work with media, images and videos. A huge bonus is the ability to illustrate your text, work with programs for images and videos and make it up so that it looks attractive;

c) Creation of landing pages. Understanding of a selling landing page structure and the ability to assemble it quickly are also appreciated among content specialists. So, basic knowledge of banners and tags is beneficial;

d) Mailing. A content specialist may also deal with texts for mailing, subsequent distribution and assessment of potential customers’ reactions;

e) Analytics tools, such as Google or Yandex Analytics and Tables. Do you remember the role facts play in a content maker’s life? Data can be applied to Google tables, thoroughly studied and calculated there. It also undergoes some other transformations, until it is ready to be added to an article to impress a reader.

So, these are tremendous tools in digital and content marketing. They do fill your CV with the necessary qualities and draw employers’ attention as well. All you need is to spend 15 minutes a day to train these skills and you will become a content specialist, the best candidate for any position in content marketing.

All in all, there are many ways you can start a career in content marketing, a sphere, which is a novice in marketing, boosted by pandemics, and developing at a high pace. There is an advantage that you can advance with content marketing and explore its possibilities in new ways, as no one has ever done before.