Zapier and StoryChief Integration Is All You Need To Automate Your Content Workflows

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zapier and storychief integration
And on the seventh day, you created a Zap...

Automate everything

Six years ago, three young men started a journey to make productivity apps even more productive. Automate everything and save time, became their mantra and it lead Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, and Mike Knoop to launch Zapier in 2012. Zapier enables users to build their own personalized, code-less workflow automations called ⚡️zaps.⚡️

Zapier makes you happier :)

Zapier is often described as a translator between web APIs. Imagine it as a power plant that connects apps so that they can work together and do what they can’t on their own. With a bit of inspiration and creativity, you can pull almost any app into a unique workflow to get more done in far less time.

"The only limit to what you're able to streamline with Zapier is your own imagination," says CEO Wade Foster.
Time to kill those unproductive hours

To start up your automation flows you can create Zap Templates using available integrations or Zaps where the apps and core fields are pre-selected. Select first the app and trigger you want to start the Zap, then add an action app and map the fields from the trigger app to that action. Then, add a title and description to help people quickly understand when to use your Zap. 👊

Connect StoryChief to over 1,000 apps

Here at StoryChief, our mission is to help you with your content marketing. Our software is making the lives of marketers, copywriters, and editorial teams easier. "Work smarter, not harder" is our guideline when we think of new ways on how to improve our product and your experience. The integration between StoryChief and Zapier is a match made in heaven for many reasons, but let's just name a few:

👆Reason 1: StoryChief helps you create great content and reduces the time you spend on multichannel distribution. Write, share and measure - all from one dashboard.

✌️Reason 2: Integration with Zapier allows you to connect with over +1,000 apps. Unleash your inner magician and create your own "zaps" that will make your days stress-free and your content creation hassle-free!

🤟Reason 3: Even if you're not technical at all, you will feel so freakin' awesome once you create your first "zap". It's never been that easy and fun to save your time!

Yes, you can do it!

🙌Your next best to-do-list

By using Zapier with your StoryChief account, you can create custom workflows that trigger when you complete actions. There are many options, but here are some examples you can try it yourself:

  • Send a Slack message when a new article is published
  • Create a Google Calendar events from published StoryChief stories
  • Create new StoryChief contacts as leads in Pipedrive
  • Create new StoryChief stories from Trello
  • Send new messages on Intercom when stories are published in StoryChief
  • Save StoryChief published stories for later in Pocket
  • Create a new document in Google Docs when a new article is published
  • Pin published stories to Pinterest
  • When a story is published on StoryChief, create a PDF and upload it to DropBox
  • When a story is published on StoryChief, create a calendar event in Google Cal
  • When a PR/Ambassador contact is created/updated sync it to your CRM
  • When a Ambassador contact is created as subscribed, send an email with a TypeForm about Ambassador Expectations
  • When a new entry is created in Contentful, create a story in StoryChief

Make sure to check out all the integrations we offer. Try out the ones we have suggested, or if you feel especially creative, think outside the box and make your own connection to share it with others!

Let us know how you like "zapping" or if you have suggestions for a new integration!