written by
Brik De Maeyer

StoryChief Updates May 2021: Media Library, DAM integrations, ...

StoryChief Updates 1 min read

Another month and another StoryChief roundup! As usual, we’re looking back on recently released features shaped by your feedback.

Introducing your new Media Library

Media files (images and videos) are an integral part of your content marketing projects. Inspired by your feedback, we drastically improved the process of storing, importing, and retrieving media files.

The media library allows you to save all your images and videos in one place. Your team members can now consult, insert, search and download media files all within your workspace.

We incorporated the media library everywhere!

  • On social posts, while adding images or videos.
  • On stories when adding images, galleries, cover images, ...

Hello cloud storage and DAM systems

You can now browse and import media files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloudinary, Bynder, and Canto.

New interactive embed options

You can now embed viral TikTok videos, Loom instruction videos and DataWrapper interactive visualizations into your stories.

Editor configuration

Your story editor is powerful but sometimes you want to restrict some functionality. We’ve added a new configuration page to fine-tune your settings.

Detaching authors from users

Previously, to be able to assign an author to a story, this one had to be a user inside your workspace which wasn’t a good flow. We now detached authors and created a dedicated page to manage them.