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StoryChief Glow-up: 10 Amazing New Features You Loved in 2022

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It’s no secret, 2022 was certainly a busy year, then again...how often do marketeers find themselves with an abundance of free time anyway? Throughout the course of 2022, the sloths at StoryChief have been working hard to deliver you and your team new exciting features to help streamline your content marketing workflow.

Here's a round-up of 10 amazing new StoryChief features you might have missed. 🤩

1. AI Power Mode - Faster and better copywriting

Kicking it off with perhaps our most exciting new feature, AI Power Mode launched in December 2022. Its key purpose: helping content teams brainstorm ideas, writing converting copy, and augment the overall copywriting experience.

This feature allows you to create powerful content in multiple languages, simplify content to make it more digestible, expand on topics in the event of writers block, and even create editorial briefs, job descriptions and editorial briefs. Read more about some of the use cases where AI can be immensely useful during the writing process.

new features AI Power Mode
AI Power Mode

2. Read-only, shareable content calendar

Sending your carefully curated content calendar over for review can be a hassle. Thanks to our new update, though, gone are the days of sending emails with static screenshots, or inviting users to StoryChief to view your calendar (and praying they won't mess up things). Now you can share a read-only link with anyone inside or outside your team: colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Faster and easier approvals, check! 🙌

new features Shareable Calendar
StoryChief’s New Shareable Calendar Feature

3. Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest Integrations

At last, the wait is over! You now have the option to share Instagram Reels or TikTok videos directly through StoryChief. We also integrate with Pinterest, broadening your reach and enabling you to delight new audiences around the world.

Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest Integrations

4. Custom Video Thumbnails

Since you have the option of scheduling Reels, TikToks, and videos with StoryChief, naturally the next step is to be able to customize that video content. You ask, and we deliver. You can now customize and pick the perfect thumbnail for your video.

Because first impressions matter, and this way you can finally decide what your feed looks like.  Find out how to start creating beautiful thumbnails for your video content here.

Custom Video Thumbnails

5. Twitter Thread Designer

Our fun new Twitter Thread Designer enables you to create stunning carousels from any Twitter thread with the push of a button. Literally, 10 seconds is all you need. This Chrome extension is quick and easy to install - get it here. You don’t even need to come up with your own content anymore! Quickly generate value, without breaking a sweat. 😥

Twitter Thread Designer

6. Auto-publish Instagram Carousels

You can now auto-publish your Instagram Carousels via StoryChief and step away from unnecessary manual labour. Say hello to even more efficient social media management. 👋

Auto-publish Instagram Carousels

7. Color-coded Campaigns

Get an even more organized view of your planning with color-coded campaigns. Choosing to color-code your campaigns can help you organize your content and help you identify what content belongs to what campaign in your content calendar. This enables you to get an overview of your upcoming content at a glance, and can help you prioritize where to dedicate the most attention.

colour-coded campaigns new features
New Color-coded Campaigns Feature

8. SEO Copywriting course to outrank your competitor

In 1h you’ll learn how to stand out with quality content. We’ve dedicated a free new video course to teaching you the SEO fundamentals. Combined with our in-app SEO scoring system, we hope to help you take your SEO to the next level and outrank your competitor.

new features SEO Fundamentals
New Courses in StoryChief Academy

9. Switch between week and monthly calendar view

Whilst a monthly overview is great for getting a broader view of your upcoming events, campaigns and social posts, we felt a week-view option was necessary for those times you want to narrow your focus and prioritize. Now, you can easily shift between the monthly and weekly views to stay on top of all your content. Quickly get a glimpse of what’s coming and identify what needs your attention.

Weekly & Monthly calendar view

10. New: Affordable plans for solopreneurs and small teams

Last but certainly not least, we’ve updated our pricing plans so that they are more suitable for your needs. Freelance content creators, solopreneurs and one-person marketing departments now have the option to use StoryChief too! For more information on our updated pricing solutions, click here.


What’s next? 🚀

We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store, and our sloths are already working on some more delightful features to help you make content reach new heights.

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