Supercharge Your Writing Process with These 13 AI-Powered Techniques

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The different uses of AI has the power to revolutionize the way we work, including the way we write. But don’t be alarmed. AI isn't here to replace us humans.

Instead, it's here to make our jobs easier and help us create even better content. When we embrace AI and work alongside it, we can produce high-quality content faster and more efficiently.

From brainstorming and organizing ideas to editing and polishing final drafts, AI can help us become more efficient and productive writers. Let it help you generate ideas, conduct research, write and edit.

Not sure yet how AI can help you in your content creation process? Here are 13 real-life uses of AI.

13 helpful uses of AI in content creation 🤖

1. Create your article's outline

Use AI writing assistants to brainstorm ideas and generate outlines, saving tons of time on the initial research part of an article. It may even propose ideas and perspectives you may not have thought of yourself. Take advantage of AI-powered writing and see how it can spark your own inspiration!

Here is an example of how our AI tool creates a list of popular questions about a certain topic. You can use this list as the outline for your article.

AI generated topic questions about the benefits of exercise
List of popular questions about a topic

2. Write a blog post with the help of AI

Let’s face it: We all find ourselves staring at that dreaded blank page from time to time. And even if the inspiration strikes, it takes hours to produce the content. While help with article outlines is nice, real help with blog writing would be an absolute godsend. 🙏

AI tools help you produce high-quality, original content for your blog or socials. All you have to do is write a title or sentence, and AI takes it from there. Disclaimer: Even though AI can help you write an entire article, doesn’t mean it should. It is still essential to add your own creative view to the article to make it sound human. 🤖

Curious about the different uses of StoryChief’s AI Power Mode? Here is a demo, illustrating how to level up your content workflow: from ideation, to creation and planning.

3. Double your content output

You'll notice that a lot of time is saved when you leverage AI in your writing process. The time and energy you will save will not only allow you to produce double the amount of content, but also enables you to focus on creative work, strategy, and reporting.

4. Revive existing content and make it look new

Next to the creation of new content, AI can assist with repurposing and updating old content, allowing you to focus on generating new ideas and strategies. One of the simplest ways AI can help your writing process is by rewriting and paraphrasing existing content. This way, you can create several variations of the same original text.

5. Extract multiple social media posts from the same article

Your time and efforts are wasted if you only post blogs to social media once. Instead, let AI summarize blog content for social media or paraphrase multiple versions of the same text. AI can even help with formatting and optimizing content for different platforms and audiences.

In this example, we asked our AI tool to turn the previous paragraph into a social media post.

Ai generated social media posts
Social media post written by AI

6. Generate converting headlines

Captivating headlines ultimately lead to more visibility and success for your blog. Isn’t that what we are all dreaming of?

Letting AI help you with your headlines can make your CTR go through the roof. How so? AI analyzes data from previous headlines, such as which ones had the highest click-through rates, and then uses this information to create even better headlines.

Here’s an example of the headlines our AI Power Mode wrote with the input ‘the benefits of exercise”:

AI suggested headlines about the benefits of exercise
Headlines written by StoryChiefs’s AI Power Mode

7. Paraphrase and proofread your content

You have an idea for copy, but you don’t manage to put your words onto paper (or your screen). AI can help you make sense of your ideas and turn them into compelling copy. In addition, you can take advantage of AI grammar and style checkers for quick proofreading and fixing of mistakes.

8. Fast language translation

The use of AI can simplify language translation, allowing content to be tailored for various languages and audiences. For example, StoryChief’s AI Power Mode helps you translate your copy to English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, or Portuguese.

9. Brainstorm content ideas

Based on input about your target audience, AI can suggest content ideas and topics that will resonate the most, allowing you to discover angles and topics you may not have originally considered. Our best advice is to experiment with AI writing commands to unlock your creativity and fight back against writer's block.

In this example, we asked our AI tool to list interesting topics to target content marketers with.

10. Personalize content

An AI writing tool could be used to create blog posts that are relevant to a specific demographic or interest group. Additionally, AI writing tools can also be used to optimize existing content by suggesting changes that would make it more engaging and effective for the intended audience.

11. Summarize long documents

Use AI summarization tools to extract key points from lengthy documents into a clear and concise overview, action list, or conclusion. What you could do, for example, is extract an action list from meeting notes you had with a client.

12. Come up with your own command

The possibilities are endless! With our AI Power Mode, you can come up with your own command. Just give it any instruction: from ‘turn this text into a motivational speech’, to ‘transform into a rap song’, and ‘turn this into a poem’.

In this example, AI Power Mode turned Eminem's Lose Yourself into a poem.

Example of how you can come up with your own AI command to help you write
With our AI Power Mode, you can come up with your own command.

13. Optimize your content for SEO

AI can give you hyper-actionable tips on how to improve your SEO, making sure the content you create has a high chance of ranking. With StoryChief you can monitor your SEO score and how well your story performs for a set keyword, based on 15+ metrics for search engine optimization.

AI-powered SEO and readability recommendations
Optimize your content for SEO using AI

Ready to start writing with AI?

We hope this article inspired you to incorporate different uses of AI in your content creation process. Are you ready to double your content output? Try out StoryChief for free to manage your entire content life cycle - from creation to planning, distribution, and reporting.

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